Using the rewards program to market your virtual Classes

When your clients cannot attend services at your business’s physical locations, you can still keep them engaged with your community and motivated to stick to their regular routines. The rewards program is a built-in tool you can use to encourage your clients to participate with your business by attending virtual services, making purchases, engaging with you on social media, and referring new clients.

Check out these ways you can use rewards points to keep your clients excited about your business.

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    Host virtual Classes using Zoom

    You can provide your clients with an easy and exciting way to continue to participate in your services by hosting virtual Classes with Zoom. To further encourage your clients to sign up for and attend your virtual Classes, you can offer them rewards points for each virtual service that they attend. To automatically award your clients with rewards points, you just need to create an attendance rewards points option for each of your virtual Classes. For more information, see Managing rewards points. Be sure to send out a class announcement to let your clients know that they can receive rewards points by attending your virtual Classes to help them keep up with their regular routine.

    Provide clients with free and low-cost resources

    You can create free or low-cost resources that you can offer to your clients as products. Some ideas for these resources include meditation activities, resources to keep kids busy, and workout plans that can be completed using common household items. When clients buy these free or low-cost resources, you can automatically award them with rewards points by creating a purchasing rewards points option or each resource. For more information, see Managing rewards points. Let your clients know about these resources and the rewards points that they can earn by sending out a purchase campaign with a direct buy link for each resource.

    Create challenges and contests

    Get your clients excited by challenging them to complete specific activities to earn rewards points at your business. For example, do 10 minutes of meditation, run your stairs at home, do 10 squats, 10 burpees, or 10 pushups to earn 10 points. Ask your clients to take a picture or a video and tag your business in their post on social media to earn their rewards points. You can easily set up custom rewards points for any activity you can think of. Once you have a custom rewards points option set up, when requests for rewards points come in, you just need to check your client’s Facebook, Instagram, or other social media account to confirm that they have completed the activity and then approve their rewards points.

    You can take these challenges a step further by running contests for your clients and allowing them to compete for the top spot on your leaderboard.

    Encourage referrals

    Help your clients spend more time with their friends and family by encouraging them to invite people they know to join your virtual Classes. You can award clients with rewards points for referring new clients to your business. For more information, see Assigning rewards points for a referral.

    Incentivize your online Class

    Create a discounted package Purchase Option that includes access to your virtual Classes and give your clients rewards points for buying it. Be sure to let clients know that this package is only available for a limited time and that they can receive rewards points for purchasing it.

    Create exciting prizes

    Encourage your clients to participate in all your exciting rewards points earning opportunities by providing them with awesome prizes that they can get by redeeming their rewards points. Perhaps you want to give your clients a free Class, a free product, a discount, or a free membership for their participation. You can also create custom manual prizes to offer your clients any prize that you can dream of.

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