Viewing a client’s Transactions page

On the Transactions page of a client’s profile, you can view detailed information about each transaction a client has made during the selected date range. For a list of common transactions and descriptions of how they would appear on a client’s Transactions page, see Common client transactions.

From the Transactions page, you can also void or refund purchases and view, email, or print receipts.

NoteTransactions with a value of $0.00 will not appear on a client’s Transactions page. You can view these transactions from the Purchases or Activity pages in the client’s profile.

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    To view a client’s Transactions page:

    1. On the Top Nav Bar, click the Search button , and enter the client’s information in the box. You can enter the client’s name, phone number, email address, UID, or client ID.
    2. In the list of clients displayed, click the client’s name.
    3. On the side menu, click Account.
    4. On the Account menu, click Transactions.

    Headings on the Transactions page

    IDThe transaction ID for the processed transaction.
    DateThe date and time the transaction was processed.
    PurchaseThe name of the item purchased.
    Payment MethodThe type of payment method used to process the transaction, along with the last four digits of the card used. If any notes are left on the transaction at the point of sale, a Note icon  is displayed. Hover over the icon to view the content of the note.
    Credit Card TypeThe type of credit card used for the transaction, such as Mastercard or Visa.
    StatusThe current status of the transaction.

    The list of transaction status includes:

    • Authorizing – The transaction is processing. If a transaction is in this status for longer than 30 minutes, see Troubleshooting: Transaction completed but stuck in Authorizing status.
    • Authorization error – The credit card authorization was unsuccessful.
    • Authorized successfully – The credit card authorization was successfully processed.
    • Error during refund – The refund was unsuccessful.
    • Failed – The transaction was unsuccessful.
    • Processing – The transaction is being processed by the gateway.
    • Refund – The transaction is a refund for a prior successful transaction.
    • Refunded partially – The transaction was partially refunded.
    • Successful – The transaction was successfully processed.
    • Voided – The transaction was successfully canceled before the batch closed. For more information, see Transaction batches and refunds.
    • Waiting for settlement – The ACH transaction is being processed and will take up to 14 business days to settle.
    DebitThe value of the debit transaction.
    CreditThe value of the credit transaction.
    SurchargeThe value of the surcharge on the transaction.
    UserThe name of the staff member who processes the payment. Actions that weren’t performed directly by a staff member, such as automated billing, are listed as automatic payments. Hover over the name to view the IP address of the user.
    ActionAn expandable menu that allows you to view or edit the transaction details, issue a refund, void the transaction, view the invoice, or view, print, or email a receipt.

    NoteStaff members must have the required client permissions to perform these actions. For more information, see Staff role permissions.

    Advanced filters on the Transactions page

    Payment MethodUse this filter to determine which transactions to include based on the payment methods used.
    Transaction StatusUse this filter to determine which transactions to include based on their transaction status.
    LocationsUse this filter to determine which transactions to include based on the business location(s) where the transactions were made.
    Credit Card TypeUse this filter to determine which transactions to include based on the type of credit card used to complete the transactions.


    Common client transactions:

    Transaction typeHow is it displayed on a client’s Transactions pageSubsequent transactions
    A client’s automatic payment for a Purchase Option fails.The automatic payment appears with a status of Failed.The client’s account balance is debited the value of the automatic payment.
    A client adds to their account balance using their credit card.The credit card payment appears with a status of Successful and the client is listed as the user who completed the transaction.The client’s account balance is credited the amount paid from the client’s credit card and the client is listed as the user who completed the transaction.
    A staff member sells items and/or services to a client through the online store.The purchase appears listing the names of the items and/or services, as well as the payment method and the amount paid.N/A
    A staff member refunds a client’s purchase.A transaction with a status of Refund and a negative amount will appear temporarily until the refund is fully processed.If the initial purchase was paid for with the client’s account balance, the amount paid for the purchase is credited to the client’s account balance.
    A staff member sells items and/or services to a client who has a payer for all their purchases.The purchase appears on the profile of the client to which the items/services were sold.The purchase also appears on the profile of the client who is set up as a payer.
    A staff member sells the same item or service to a specific client for the same amount two times in a row using the same payment method.The payment appears with a status of Failed because the system views this as a duplicate transaction.The staff member can immediately process the transaction using another payment method.

    If the same payment method is preferred, the staff member must wait 15 minutes and then try again.


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