Viewing a client’s upcoming schedule

You can view a client’s future bookings on their upcoming schedule, which can be found through their client profile. From here, you can also reconcile unpaid visits.

To learn how to change a client’s attendance in their upcoming schedule, see Changing a client’s attendance record.

To learn how to view a client’s attendance history, see Viewing a client’s attendance history.

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    To view a client’s upcoming schedule:

    1. On the Top Nav Bar, click the Search button , and enter the client’s information in the box. You can enter the client’s name, phone number, email address, UID, or client ID.
    2. In the list of clients displayed, click the client’s name.
    3. On the client’s menu, click Attendance.
    4. On the Attendance menu, click Upcoming Schedule. The list of upcoming services the client has booked are displayed.
      • To learn how to customize and filter the report, see Viewing a report.
      • To export the report, click Export. To learn more, see Exporting a report.
      • To print the report, click Print.

    Headings in the upcoming schedule

    DATEThe day and time at which the service is scheduled to occur. Recurring bookings are indicated by the Recurring icon Recurring booking icon. A green Recurring icon indicates the booking has been paid for, while a red icon indicates the booking has not yet been paid for.
    SERVICEThe name of the service, the location the service was booked at, an icon representing the method used to book the service, and the individual who booked the service.

    If the service is a Class or Event, click the name of the service to view its attendance list.
    STAFFThe photo and name of the staff member who is scheduled to conduct the service.
    PAID WITHThe payment status for the service.

    Click the Edit button to change the payment method or make a payment. See Reconciling an unpaid visit for more information.
    SPOTSIf the service is a Class or Event, the number of available spots and the total number of spots in the service are displayed.
    NOTESClick the Notes button to view, add, edit, print, or delete SOAP or QUICK notes related to the service.
    ACTIONClick the More button The more button displayed at the top of reports. The button is a square with three vertical blue dots and a blue border. to cancel the booking. If this booking is part of a series of recurring bookings, you can also select to cancel all bookings in the series.
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