WellnessLiving Glossary

The WellnessLiving Glossary is your go-to list to understand the terms used in WellnessLiving. If you need a more in-depth explanation of any of the terms, click the term to go to the relevant article.


Account tabAccount tab adds monetary value to a client’s account balance based on a predetermined amount and can be configured to be a one-time purchase or to auto-renew after a specified duration.
Achieve Client AppThe Achieve Client App is a mobile app that allows clients to book services, manage their schedule, make purchases, and more from their mobile devices.
App DrawerThe App Drawer is where you can quickly find and access all apps and features available in WellnessLiving.
AppointmentAppointments are generally one-on-one services, such as personal training sessions, but can include multiple clients. Although appointments are typically booked by clients, they can also be booked by staff members.
Appointment typeAppointment types are templates for your appointments that must be created before any appointments can be booked. For example, if you create a manicure Appointment type, clients can then book manicure appointments with your business.
Attendance listAttendance lists are lists of clients that have signed up to attend one of your classes or events.
Attendance Web AppThe Attendance Web App can be used to track client attendance for classes and events. Staff members can open the Attendance Web App on a tablet or computer and use it to check in clients. Clients can also check themselves in through a dedicated tablet or computer.
Automated marketingAutomated marketing campaigns are emails, SMS messages, or push notifications sent to clients by the WellnessLiving system when certain conditions are met. For example, you can create a campaign that automatically tracks client activity and sends an email to clients who haven’t visited your business in three months, encouraging them to come back.
BeltBelts are available to businesses with a Martial Arts business type and can be used to track your clients’ progress.
BOOK-A-SPOT™ assetBOOK-A-SPOT™ assets can be used to keep track of rooms and equipment. For example, you can create an asset to represent each room in your business to keep track of when each room is in use. You can also create assets that can be booked by clients independently of services, such as yoga mats.
Book now tabsBook now tabs allow you to customize how your services are organized and displayed to clients on the Client Web App. You can create a different book now tab for each type of service you offer, making it easy for clients to find the service they are looking for.
ClassClasses are a series of sessions scheduled by your business. Clients can choose which sessions to attend and have no obligation to attend all sessions.
Class typeClass types are templates for your Classes and must be created before any classes can be scheduled. For example, if you create a Kickboxing class type, you can then schedule sessions of that class type, which are referred to as classes.
ClassPassClassPass is a monthly membership program that allows its clients to try out new fitness studios each month. When you sign up with ClassPass, clients can discover and try your classes using their ClassPass membership.
ClientClients are your customers and have accounts at your business. Anyone who attends a service or makes a purchase at your business is referred to as a client.
Client groupClient groups are groups you can create manually to organize your clients. For example, you can create a client group for clients that attended a specific service so you can send them announcements about new similar services they may be interested in.
Client profileA client’s profile contains all the information about a client that is stored in WellnessLiving. You can view their attendance history, contact information, transaction history, and more.
Client typeClient types are designations automatically assigned to clients based on the passes and memberships they’ve purchased. You can use client types to filter your clients and send automated notifications only to specific client types.
Client-type discount codeA discount code that can only be redeemed by a client with a specific client type. For more information on how to set up a client-type discount code, see Discount code general information settings.
Client Web AppThe Client Web App is what clients see when they log in to WellnessLiving.
Constant ContactConstant Contact integration allows you to synchronize your client contact list from Constant Contact with WellnessLiving. When you add or modify a client profile in WellnessLiving, it will automatically get updated in your corresponding Constant Contact list.
ContractContracts are documents you can require clients to sign in addition to your online waiver when they are booking an event or buying a purchase option. Contracts can be used to outline any additional event or purchase option specific terms to which clients must agree.
Corporate ReportCorporate reports allow franchise businesses to view and compare metrics for each franchise location. Corporate reports are only available to franchisor business accounts.
DashboardThe dashboard is the first screen you see when you log in to WellnessLiving. It contains tools and reports that allow you to quickly see important information. You can customize the dashboard by adding any report to it.
Direct booking URLDirect booking URLs can be used to link clients directly to the booking page for a specific service.
Direct buy URLDirect buy URLs can be used to link clients directly to the purchase page for an item in your online store.
Direct mailDirect mail is a term used to describe postcards sent to clients as part of a direct mail campaign. Direct mail is currently only available to US-based businesses.
Discovery Pass NetworkThe Discovery Pass Network is a group of websites through which prospective clients can find your services. When you have the Discovery Pass Network enabled, clients can find and book your services directly through the network.
Edit logThe edit log displays all your staff members’ activity for a selected time period.
Elevate Staff AppThe Elevate Staff App is a mobile app your staff members can use to add new clients, manage their schedules, book appointments, make sales, and more.
EventEvents are templates for a self-contained series of sessions offered by your business. Clients are generally expected to attend all session in a series and pay for the series in advance, but these requirements can be adjusted to suit your needs.
Event instanceEvent instances are scheduled events. All scheduled sessions in a series are considered to be part of the same event instance.
Family memberFamily members are clients that are associated with other clients. These associations are referred to as relationships in WellnessLiving. For example, you can designate one client as the parent of another or you can designate clients as being friends with each other. Associating clients with each other allows them to pay for each others accounts, to share purchase options, and perform actions on each others behalf.
FitLIVEFitLIVE allows you to host virtual services directly through WellnessLiving without needing to visit a third-party website. You can also sign up for FitLIVE, purchase FitLIVE licenses, and configure FitLIVE meeting settings directly through WellnessLiving. After you’ve set up a virtual service, your clients can register for and attend your service from the Client Web App or the Achieve Client App.
Franchise CloudFranchise Cloud is WellnessLiving’s term for our franchise mode. If you are a franchisor, Franchise Cloud will allow you to add and manage franchisee locations.
GrouponGroupon integration allows you to integrate deals that you have offered to prospective clients via Groupon with WellnessLiving.
Gym visitGym visits are a type of service that allow access to a gym or studio. Gym visits can only be set up by businesses with a Gym or Gym & Health Club business type.
GympassGympass is a monthly membership program that allows its clients to try out new fitness studios each month. When you sign up with Gympass, clients can discover and try your Classes using their Gympass membership.
IntegrationsWellnessLiving offers integrations with Constant ContactClassPassGrouponGympassMailChimpReserve with Google, and Zoom to help you manage your business. These integrations allow you to easily use the services provided by these platforms in conjunction with WellnessLiving.
MailChimp MailChimp integration allows you to synchronize your client contact list from MailChimp with WellnessLiving. When you add or modify a client profile in WellnessLiving, it will automatically get updated in your corresponding MailChimp list.
MembershipMemberships are a type of a purchase option your clients can purchase to access your services for a set length of time with a set payment schedule.
Message CenterMessage Center is a messaging feature that allows your clients and staff members engage in full end-to-end conversations using SMS text messaging.
NotificationNotifications are automated emails, SMS messages, or push notifications you can send your clients and staff members to communicate information related to your business.
Notification settingsNotification settings allow a client to opt in or out of receiving email, SMS, and push notifications, as well as other forms of communication from your business.
PackagePackages are a type of purchase option you can create as a combination of session passes, memberships, gift cards, events, and products. When clients purchase a package, they are effectively purchasing all the items contained within the package.
Payment methodPayment methods are how your clients can pay for your services and products. Cash, virtual terminal, and ACH accounts are all types of payment methods.
POWER SearchPOWER Search allows you to create custom search criteria to filter your client list, as well as most reports. These custom searches can be saved and shared with other users.
ProductA product is a physical item available for purchase in your online store and/or through the point of sale at your business.
PromoteWellnessLiving Promote allows you to promote your business through a variety of methods. Reserve with GoogleClassPassGympass, and Discovery Pass Network are the promotional methods available through the Promote page.
Purchase optionPurchase Option is an overarching term used to refer to session passes, memberships, and packages. You can think of Purchase Options as a pricing option that provides an alternative to drop-in rates for services.
QUICK BuyQUICK Buy is a tool that gives you the ability to sell products to a client without leaving the schedule. This allows you to sell products to clients when they drop in to a class or check in to a service.
ReportReports are tools that allow you to view metrics on clients, attendance, staff, sales, and marketing.
Reserve with GoogleReserve with Google integration allows you to book classes, appointments, and events offered by WellnessLiving in supported regions directly through Google Search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website.
Rewards programThe rewards program is a great way to improve customer engagement with your business. You can manage the actions clients can perform to earn rewards points and set up prizes that clients can get by redeeming points.
Session passSession passes are a type of purchase option that your clients can purchase to access a set number of visits. For example, you can create a session pass that allows clients to attend 10 classes.
Staff memberStaff members are anyone who works at your business, including front desk staff, instructors, and you, the business owner.
Staff roleStaff roles are assigned to every staff member at your business. Every staff role has a different level of access to your business, which you can customize by adding and removing permissions. For example, you can allow some staff members to make changes to your online store and limit others.
Store categoryStore categories allow you to customize how items in your online store are organized and displayed to customers. Creating store categories for each type of item offered in your store will make it easier for customers to browse your store and find the items they want to purchase.
Summary cardsSummary cards are display elements that appear at the top of your reports. They provide an overview of the key information contained in each report.
Task managerThe task manager is a tool that can be used to create and assign tasks to staff members.
Top Nav BarThe Top Nav Bar is the menu displayed at the top of every page in the browser version of WellnessLiving. The Top Nav Bar is customizable and provides quick access to the numerous features offered by WellnessLiving.
Transformation logThe transformation log is a tool clients can use to track their personal fitness, using metrics such as their measurements, heart rate, and body fat percentage, while they attend your business.
Wait listWait lists are lists of clients who are interested in attending a class or event that is full. If an available spot opens up, the spot is offered to clients on the wait list on a first-come, first-served basis.
WidgetWidgets are tools you can embed in your website and Facebook page that allow clients to interact with your business without navigating to WellnessLiving and logging in. For example, the Appointment Widget allows clients to book appointments directly on your website.
ZoomZoom integration allows you to host virtual services directly through WellnessLiving. You clients can register for and attend your virtual services from the Client Web App or the Achieve Client App.
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