WellnessLiving user interviews

WellnessLiving conducts user interviews with our customers, like you, to obtain feedback and fine tune our new features to better suit your business needs. To participate in a user interview, you must first register as a participant, then request a booking for a specific interview, and have a web cam and microphone suitable for a video call.

After you participate in a user interview, you will receive an Amazon gift card worth $50 USD as a token of our appreciation (prize subject to change at the discretion of WellnessLiving).

NoteThere are a limited number of openings for each user interview session. As such, WellnessLiving selects participants based on their relevance to the feature being tested as well as their previous user interview experience. If a participant has consistently missed scheduled user interviews or required their interviews to be rescheduled, they are less likely to be selected.

CautionWellnessLiving reserves the right to cancel a user interview at any time due to unforeseen scheduling conflicts. We will do our best to provide at least one day’s notice when canceling a user interview. We apologize for any inconveniences that may arise due to cancellations.

In this article:

    To register for user interviews:

    1. Open the User Interview Registration Form in a private or incognito browser.
    2. Click Register.
    3. Under Account Info and Personal Info, enter all the required information.  
      1. If you are registering with the email address used for your WellnessLiving account, click YES, THIS IS THE CORRECT USER in the confirmation popup that appears.
      2. Log in to your account.
      3. Click I want to log into WellnessLiving User Interviews.
      4. Fill the required fields, select the WellnessLiving services and features that your business uses, then click Update Account.
      5. Proceed to step 7.
    4. Select the WellnessLiving services and features that your business uses.
    5. Enter the required contact information.
    6. Click Save & Exit.
    7. You are now registered to participate in user interviews. A welcome email will be sent to the email address you used to register.
      1. Review the information in the welcome email.
      2. Click Reset Password to change your password.
      3. Click the link at the bottom of the welcome email to begin requesting bookings for user interviews.
      4. After you have registered, you will be sent notifications regarding user interview opportunities through your email. To make sure you receive these notifications, set the Receive email reminders & notifications and Subscribe to news and updates of “WellnessLiving User Interviews” to ON under Communication Settings in your client profile. For more information, see Client Web App: Changing a client’s notification settings.

    To request a booking for a user interview:

    1. Log in to the Client Web App.
    2. Click the client profile menu (your profile icon) and select Switch Businesses.
      • The button’s location will be dependent on the Client Web App layout. For more information, see Client Web App reference.
    3. In the Switch Businesses menu, select WellnessLiving User Interviews.
    4. Click Book Now, then select Appointments.
    5. Under My Services, select the user interview you want to participate in, then click Next.
    6. Select the date on which you want to participate in the user interview and select an available time. Click Next.
      • The available dates and times for user interviews are determined by WellnessLiving.
    7. Answer any required questions and then click Next.
    8. Click Complete.
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