Whitelisting Wellnessliving emails using Gmail, Outlook, or Yahoo Mail

When an email is sentyour email service provider (e.g., Gmail, OutlookYahoo) may filter the email to protect you from receiving unwanted emailsuch as spam, junk, and phishing attempts. To ensure that all Wellnessliving email notifications appear in your primary inbox, you must whitelist or unblock all emails coming from the wellnessliving.com domain by customizing the settings of your email service provider. 

NoteEnsure that you mark all emails from the domain wellnessliving.com as safe.

    To whitelist Wellnessliving emails using Gmail: 

    • Follow this link to learn how to create a filter in Gmail to categorize all emails from wellnessliving.com to your primary inbox.

    To whitelist Wellnessliving emails using Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail, and MSN Mail: 

    To whitelist Wellnessliving emails using Yahoo Mail:

    • Follow this link to learn how to create a filter in Yahoo Mail to sort all emails from wellnessliving.com to your primary inbox.
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