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How To Start Your Own Martial Arts Studio

So, you want to start your own martial arts studio? Congratulations on pursuing your passion and following your dreams! With tools like a martial arts software program and a winning marketing plan, get ready to build an amazing business. In the crowded world of martial arts, competition can be fierce, […]

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How to Hire Music Instructors

Looking for the right music instructors for your school can seem like a difficult task. Aside from finding qualified people, you have to look for instructors who will be the right fit. This means hiring music instructors who share your values, and who are able to connect with you and your students. After all, instilling a love […]

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Music School Promotion 101: 5 Unique Ways to Promote

With so many music schools out there, having a clear music school promotion strategy is important. Why? Because standing out from the crowd is the key to success! You probably know that every school has its intended audience, and that target group varies depending on which instruments you’re teaching and […]

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How to Start a Dance Studio Blog

Are you looking for a new way to attract attention to your dance studio, build your clientele, and become known online? You need to start a dance studio blog! If you’ve been searching for a way to get noticed, blogging could be just what your business needs. Make the most […]

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Yoga for Teens: How to Market Your Studio to Teenagers

Let’s talk yoga for teens! Have you taken a look at your client mix lately? If your clientele consists mostly of adults, it’s time to target a larger market to get your business to that next level. Add yoga for teens to your roster to attract a younger crowd, build […]

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How to Grow Your Martial Arts Studio

Over the past five years, the martial arts studio industry has risen in popularity by 4.2% in the United States alone. It is now a $5 Billion industry with over 80,000 studios and 85,000 employees across the country. A growing number of people are expressing interest in martial arts, and […]