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WellnessLiving's martial arts software is your all-in-one solution to keep your business organized and efficient. Streamline your dojo's operations with integrated payment solutions, an app for staff and students, automated marketing, belt & ranking management and more!

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Booking Couldn’t Be Easier

We've got what you need to pack your schedule! Whether it’s online or from their mobile device, new and existing students can instantly book lessons, private sessions and equipment at your dojo.

Complete Convenience

Boost your attendance rates and streamline your business with easy multi-channel booking options for your martial arts studio. With lots of automations in place, you can reach more students, fill up classes, and deliver excellent service with the latest features to make booking easy.

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Showcase your Studio

WellnessLiving has partnered with Google to bring you Reserve with Google. It allows students to easily find and book your martial arts classes directly from web searches and map results.

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Interact with Ease

Increase engagement and attract new students with the help of our customizable widgets that provide a window into your dojo. Simply embedded online, now you can use your very own website or Facebook page to allow your martial arts students to explore your schedule, book lessons, write reviews and more!

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Easily Manage Training Equipment

Let your students conveniently reserve their favorite training equipment with just a few clicks. From lockers to punching bags and boxing gloves, BOOK-A-SPOT keeps your dojo's assets organized and all in one place so you can focus on your lessons.

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Virtual Training Solutions

Expand the possibilities and reach students beyond your borders by including online lessons from your dojo. WellnessLiving's business management software has all the tools your martial arts studio needs to go virtual!


Stream your live, virtual sessions without the hassle of a third-party software. With FitLIVE, managing your virtual services is easier than ever!

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Make your online lessons available for your students on demand! This user-friendly, dynamic platform allows you to build your dojo's brand with a customized video-on-demand channel.

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Customers Love Us



"I can track member attendance with ease. WellnessLiving truly gives us insight into our client's every need. I love it!"

Sarah Caudill

Co-Owner, Fighting Fit Bootcamp

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Marketing Solutions

WellnessLiving's automations make growing your dojo easy! Showcase your martial arts studio and target students using our exclusive marketing tools to attract, engage and retain your clients.


Make Yourself Memorable

Broadcast your martial arts business using our dynamic marketing tools to connect with your students. Get your software working for you - setup automated messaging to encourage students to buy their next membership before this one expires, announce a lesson or special event or reach out to those you haven't seen in a while with completely customizable emails or text messages.

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Build Your Online Presence

We understand the importance of standing out online. Highlight your dojo’s unique brand, get more traffic, and convert more leads into martial arts students with your fully responsive and easy-to-use custom website featuring built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From design to development and updates, we're with you every step of the way!

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Create Connections

WellnessLiving makes it easy to implement your very own direct mail campaign. We help you design postcards to support your dojo's brand and clearly get your message across. Stand out from the competition and increase engagement with a personalized postcard to show your martial arts students you care.

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Test our SMS Feature

Easily create, target, and send SMS campaigns. Our SMS feature can help you reach customers on-the-go by sending SMS messages directly to their mobile device.

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Powerful Mobile Applications

Extend your reach beyond the dojo and empower your students and senseis by engaging them through your versatile apps. Our game-changing mobile client and staff apps are here to help you manage your martial arts studio.

Achieve Client App

Your customizable student app is designed to match the look and feel of your brand and will take your dojo to the next level! Students will keep your business top of mind with easy access at their fingertips. Streamline and increase online bookings, engage your students, make online sales and more with our industry-leading Achieve Client App.

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Elevate Staff App

You and your senseis will love being able to manage the schedule on the go from our Elevate Staff App. Enjoy the freedom of substituting staff, scheduling new lessons, viewing detailed reports or following up on missed payments, all of that and much more right in the palm of your hands.

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Payments / point of sale

Your Complete Payment System

Our powerful payment and point of sale platforms make every transaction seamless and simple for you and your martial arts students. In addition to reducing your fees, you can store credit cards for monthly recurring billing and even sell your uniforms online. All the while WellnessLiving's business management software will automatically track your inventory with every purchase and deliver email receipts on your behalf. We are your all-in-one solution!

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Best Features

Features Your Martial Arts
Dojo Will Love

Your business is unique, but there are some features that all martial arts studio owners agree will streamline your operations and make your business thrive.

Easily manage your memberships online for your gym, spa, dojo or studio.
Manage Memberships

Set up recurring monthly memberships that students can share with family. Track student attendance and membership purchases, with the ability to automate a reminder when the expiry date is coming up. Offer different memberships for different belt rankings? Automate the conversion and more through our versatile memberships and passes.

Keep organized and stay focused with WellnessLiving.
Belts & Rankings

WellnessLiving is here help you keep your dojo's curriculum organized. Create a unique belt ranking system by choosing automated promotions that are tied to a student's attendance with your studio, or focus on their abilities and use the manual option. Belt rankings are tracked on each student profile and through our powerful reports.

Easily check into classes online with WellnessLiving.
Easy Client Check-In

We offer many different options for quick and easy check-ins and give you the power to implement the best options for your dojo. You can choose to allow your students to check-in online or through their phone app. You can also setup a check-in station right near your front door, streamlining this process to help students get focused for their lesson.

Read reports and plan for the future with easy to read statistics.
Product Management

We have the automations and reports you need to stay on top of your inventory, without manually counting your products. Sell uniforms, combat equipment, branded merchandise and more right through your WellnessLiving online store. We will keep track of your revenue and inventory, with automated reminders for you to re-order when numbers get low.

Electrical forms and waivers can be signed online.
Electronic Forms

We want to keep your dojo organized and free up your time from manual tasks, while also signing up students and reducing waste. As soon as students register online, they will be prompted to sign your waiver - just a swipe of their finger on the app or your mouse/signature pad in the studio and their form is signed and stored on their student profiles.

Keep track of staff schedules with staff management tools.
Staff Management

As your business partner, WellnessLiving is here to help you manage your staff. Create unique staff roles with customized access to keep your information safe. Create multiple pay rates and let the software track your payroll with detailed reports that you can export to Excel. Assign tasks and manage schedules online or on the staff app - everything you need at a glance.


Advanced reporting

Powerful Data at Your Fingertips

Instantly gain deep insight into your martial arts business by staying on top of all your key metrics with a detailed range of custom reports, all exportable in Excel format. You have the freedom to save your favorite reports and customize your own dashboard so that you can get a daily overview of your operations as soon as you login to WellnessLiving. We track your data so you can make informed decisions about staffing, payroll, inventory, marketing, and more.

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Cutting Edge Business Tools

WellnessLiving is more than just a business management software, we are your business partner and we're here to help take the load off! From managing your staff and clients to optimizing your workflow, we are in your corner offering dynamic tools to help you find new leads, increase engagement, boost retention, and scale your martial arts dojo!

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A Letter  From  Our CEO

Len Fridman
CEO & Co-Founder

I’m Len, CEO and co-founder of WellnessLiving, the fastest-growing all-in-one martial arts studio business management software. However, it didn’t start that way—it took a lot of hard work, support from the martial arts community, and a little bit of fate.

I remember a quote from one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time, George St. Pierre: “There is no luck in life, everything happens for a reason. Every little thing that you do…leads up to a bigger thing. And that’s the story of my life.”

In a nutshell, that perfectly describes how WellnessLiving came to be. In 2009, I started a bootcamp that grew into a business with multiple locations across North America. As the business grew, I was overwhelmed with the increasing fees from my business management software: Mindbody. I knew there had to be a better solution.

By luck, I ran into my childhood friend, Sasha Davids (now co-founder and COO of WellnessLiving), while on vacation in Jamaica. We spent the whole week catching up and I shared the challenges I was facing with my customer relationship management (CRM) and scheduling software and knew I wasn’t alone.

Together, Sasha and I set out to create an affordable software that could truly move martial arts studios like yours forward. One that’s easy-to-use, customizable, and has every martial arts studio owner in mind. And, that’s what we do.

There’s a reason why we’re the top martial arts software in the market. Each tool is created to make everything easier for your clients.

  • With our Achieve Client App, clients can book, check in, and pay for martial arts classes, anytime and from any device.
  • Our custom website widgets attract new clients, letting them book right from your website or Facebook Page.
  • Reserve with Google allows clients to find and book your in-studio or virtual martial arts classes from Google Maps or web searches.
  • BOOK-A-SPOT™ lets clients reserve their favorite training equipment or spot in the dojo, so everything is organized.

Our automated marketing suite also ensures that clients are always happy and kept in the loop. The system conveniently sends out a custom email, text, or push notification whenever it’s time for clients to renew their membership, update their credit card information, or when a new class is added to the schedule. Our custom advanced reporting tool lets you track purchase and attendance records, giving you key information to promote your business to specific clients.

There are so many ways we can help to make your martial arts studio thrive. Our system makes it simple to run a loyalty rewards program for your clients, track and highlight client reviews, and manage your staff with our Elevate Staff App. You can even host a livestream martial arts class right from the app with our Zoom integration.

The possibilities are endless of how our software can help your martial arts studio. Remember, we were led to create our all-in-one platform for a reason. We’re so glad we did because every day we see martial arts studio owners grow and manage their business efficiently. It makes us feel good knowing that we played a small part in their success, and we want to be there for your business, too. Try out our software and see for yourself why we’re the #1 martial arts studio in the industry.


Len Fridman
CEO & Co-Founder

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