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IKickbox Fitness - Columbus, OH • $60.00

Teen and Adult Cardio Kickboxing Classes now being offered at Westside Gym Power 672 Harmon Plaza Columbus, Ohio 43223.

This is the most affordable high quality program for physical fitness & self defense!!!

Ever wanted to do something that you never thought was possible? Well here it is and exercise program that keeps you fit and learn how to defend yourself! Its called iKickbox! No belts or uniforms required and it's not your average repetitive home DVD workout! Our experienced instructors have the knowledge and the passion to keep your workout exciting and new, each and every time that you attend a session! Tired of doing aerobic kick boxing in the air? Our solution is that... we incorporate hand targets, body bags and stand alone bags while we train! Bag training is also great to relieve tension and stress! And most importantly, a key element to iKickbox is that you will also learn self defense. Through this amazing program, we will help you develop the confidence and strength it takes to fend off an attacker. So please come join us at WGP ALL STARS WESTSIDE GYM POWER Where Athletes Become Champions 672 Harmon Plaza Columbus, OH 43223.

Classes will begin Saturday June 6th, 2015 (please come in 15 minutes early to sign in). Classes will be every Saturday from 5pm to 6pm. Its only $60 for a 3 month (12 class) membership or $30 a monthly. Each additional member of the same household is just $10/month. Please visit our Facebook page at to be entered into our raffle drawing on opening day by clicking Like & Share for a set of iKickbox Gloves & T-Shirt.

Get paid $10 for completing opening day of trial program*

Everyone gets a FREE TRIAL CLASS before joining!!!

Everyone that signs up by the end of their first class get a free iKickbox T-Shirt.

For every 3 months (12 classes) attended you earn a new iKickbox T-Shirt.

Just a few weeks until classes start. Make sure you call in to officially register.

All classes taught by Licensed Kickboxing Instructors.


We are the only authorized iKickbox program in Columbus, Ohio.


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