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Matthew is a pianist who has pursued both Jazz and Classical
genres during his time at Point Loma Nazarene University earning a
Bachelor's Degree in Music Education. He is a classically trained
pianist who developed a taste for Jazz while playing the banjo with
a touring Dixieland Traditional Jazz Band and has married this
study with his love for improvisation. His love of improvisation in
both pop and jazz has paved a way for him to work and perform with
many local artists, such as singer/songwriter James Spaite, Dave
Morris and composer James Bishop.
Matthew has also had the unique opportunity to work with Poet
Laureate Robert Pinsky, who invites musicians to improvise tunes to
compliment the poetry he reads. Joined with percussion and bass,
Matthew performed with Pinsky for NPR, KPBS, and at a private
Matthew looks forward to pursuing his goal of teaching young
musicians to navigate improvisation, Jazz Theory, and proficiency
on their instrument. He puts his encouraging attitude and desire to
see young musicians thrive to good use by running our Summer
Program, teaching students basic musicianship skills, and readying
them to perform popular tunes with confidence.  

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