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Lucas has been playing and teaching professionally for over 17 years. He earned his Associate's Degree in Percussion from Musician's Institute in Hollywood, where he studied under world-famous teachers including Fred Dinkins, Stewart Jean, Chuck Silverman, Donny Gruendler, Ray Luzier, and Glen Sobel. He has played and written with bands all over southern California at some of the world's top venues, in bands of all styles. He is the #1 best-selling author of his book, Drum and Grow Rich.

Lucas has taught at School of Rock, U.S. Music, Take Lessons, Music Clout, and Crew. He loves teaching music because he feels it's such an important avenue of expression. He believes that playing music gives people confidence, joy and freedom, and that it is a powerful meditation in motion that everyone should learn. He loves seeing children light up with excitement when they finally get something they have been working hard at.

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