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Laynee is a graduate from the University of Maryland holding a
Masters Degree in Music. From an early age, Laynee loved to perform
and spent most of her childhood in community musicals and play
productions. Her passion for music grew into a career, and Laynee
currently sings opera professionally. Most recently, Laynee was
employed by Salt Marsh Opera Company in Connecticut to play the
role of Clorinda in their outreach opera, La Cenerentola and has
traveled to Germany, Austria, Sweden, Estonia, and Italy to
Laynee directs her love of music into her lessons and music
classes. She has over 12 years of experience teaching piano and
voice lessons to both children and adults. Before moving to San
Diego, Laynee taught early childhood music classes in Maryland as
well as established her own voice and piano studio for children in
Virginia. Laynee aims to help her students achieve an academic
understanding of music, as well as keep the learning environment
fun, new, and exciting. She encourages her students to learn many
different genres of music, and aims to optimize the musical talents
of each student individually.


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