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Anna Horvath (she/her)
Online Guitar, Online Piano, Online Voice

Anna is a singer-songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist. She brings a wealth of musical experience to the table, including a decade each of piano study and choral singing, private instruction in guitar and voice, and a 10-year career as a performing musician that has taken her across the country and the ocean, both as a solo singer-songwriter under the name of Merival and as a member of other bands and projects.

Anna’s approach to music strives to get at the very heart of the emotional response that writing and playing can create. She believes that there is much to be learned about how to navigate the world and the feelings therein through the lens of musical exploration. Her extensive background in childcare allows her to connect quickly and easily with kids and to listen and interact in a kind, open, and caring way.
Anna is so excited to help you or your loved one begin a rewarding musical journey!

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