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Sam Bourque


Sam is a professional vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and actor. A graduate of the Music Theatre Performance program at Sheridan College, Sam is extremely passionate and experienced in the art of telling stories through music. As a teacher, she strives to work with folks of all ages, backgrounds and levels of experience. With her extensive knowledge of vocal technique and theory, and her explorative and detailed ear for style, improvisation, and riffs, Sam also hopes to guide her students through the process of creating—and connecting with—the emotional journeys of the music her students play.

Sam spent their late teens and early twenties travelling the country acting, singing, dancing, and playing in the band (sometimes all four at once!) for multiple music theatre productions. From a Joni Mitchell tribute show touring British Columbia and Saskatchewan to an improv comedy musical on Prince Edward Island, they always favoured working on projects where they could fuse their love of singing and playing with their love of storytelling.

Beyond her music theatre history, Sam has also been performing since she was 15 years old. She has played both solo and in bands as a lead vocalist, backup vocalist, guitarist, pianist and percussionist.

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