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Piano, Drums, Voice
When teaching, Andrew strives to foster individuality and creativity, while laying a strong foundation of technique and structure. Drawing from the experience of invaluable instruction received during his career, Andrew has the ability to passionately and sensitively lead students in their comprehension of overarching musical concepts, while appealing to the specific musical taste of each student.
Growing up in the interior of BC, Andrew showed early passion and aptitude for music, completing his Royal Conservatory piano studies at the age of 15. After spending his high school years playing in rock and pop bands, Andrew studied Jazz Piano at Capilano University, which eventually led him to many touring and performing opportunities in a variety of musical styles : from globally recognized pop artists to renowned jazz figures. When Andrew moved east in 2017, he began graduate studies at the University of Toronto, where he was involved in numerous areas of research including psychoacoustics, music neurology and electronic music. Andrew is currently active in the Toronto music community as a songwriter, producer, teacher, piano player, drummer and sound designer. 

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