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Our Partners

Booking Partners

Reserve with Google

Showcase your business to local Google users.

WellnessLiving has partnered with Google to bring you this amazing tool that allows customers to find and book businesses, like yours, straight from their search results page or maps page. This partnership will sync your services directly with what is showcased on Google, keeping your services up-to-date and bookable online!



A fitness membership program connecting you to thousands.

WellnessLiving has partnered with ClassPass to give you a chance to list your business on the ClassPass marketing, showcasing your studio or gym to a gigantic new segment of potential users. ClassPass users will be able to choose to include your business as one of their chosen sessions, leading to new clients and increased revenue.



The world’s largest corporate fitness platform.

WellnessLiving has partnered with Gympass to bring you a game-changing service that will give you access to thousands of incentivized corporate customers, allowing you to earn more revenue and fill your classes to capacity. Every time a Gympass user books a class at your studio, you get money!

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Virtual Service Partners


The leading web-based video conferencing solution.

Extend your reach beyond your borders and easily connect online with more clients. Our seamless Zoom integration takes your business to the next level by syncing your online schedule with their platform, allowing you to offer live virtual services. Just one click of a button will get you and your clientele connected through WellnessLIving’s all-in-one solution.

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Serve your clients in the comfort of their own home.

As an integrated partner with WellnessLiving, Intelivideo provides our enterprise users with a robust fitness video platform, allowing them to deliver branded videos to clients across their franchise locations. With on-demand and subscription options, Intelivideo and WellnessLiving empower your franchise business to fully serve your clients online, bringing your services to every corner of the world.

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Marketing Partners


Stay in touch with this popular email marketing platform.

Looking to take how you communicate with your customers and prospects to the next level? WellnessLiving’s integration with Mailchimp will sync up your mailing lists and give you a chance to jazz up your email campaigns. Gather your insights, audience data and marketing channels together in one place in order to quickly achieve your goals.


Constant Contact

Meet business goals with effective email and online marketing.

WellnessLiving’s integration with Constant Contact gives you the chance to create dynamic templates, access easy to use editors, robust audience building tools and more! Constant Contact makes email marketing easy, fun and educational. Connect with current prospective clients in order to strengthen and grow your business.

Finance Partners


Seamless Integration with QuickBooks Online

WellnessLiving's integration with Autymate helps you streamline your business’s finances using intdustry standard accounting platforms like QuickBooks Online. With Autymate, you can connect your business's transaction data to QuickBooks Online, saving you time while keeping your books accurate and up to date. Plus, Autymate automatically imports WellnessLiving transactions and updates your QuickBooks Online account daily.

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Collection Partners

Aldous & Associates

Get professional support collecting overdue payments and retaining clients.

WellnessLiving has partnered with Aldous & Associates, who specializes in fitness industry client collections, to bring you an ultimate time-saving solution. Our partnership streamlines payment collection and keeps you up to date of the collection status of each client with an overdue account balance, and Aldous & Associates' call center works to keep clients coming back to your business.

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