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Expose Your Brand to New Clientele

Get your brand out there and drive new clients to your business. Our Gympass integration will give prospects a chance to check you out, first hand.


Gympass Integration

Showcase Your Business to a Whole New Stream of Clients

WellnessLiving has partnered with Gympass to bring you a game-changing service that will give you access to thousands of incentivized corporate customers, allowing you to earn more revenue and fill your classes to capacity. Every time a Gympass user books a class at your studio, you get money!

Build Your Brand

Get Discovered on Gympass

Gympass offers their users access to a network of different sports, fitness and wellness facilities that you could be a part of! Listing your business in their network will advertise your brand and services to a whole new segment of clients that were previously out of your reach. Our integration will allow Gympass users to easily locate your business and sign up for your virtual and in-person sessions.


Increase Revenue

Your Pathway to More Revenue

Not only will our Gympass integration help you meet new clients, but it will also increase your revenue! Gympass will pay you every time a member uses your business. Let WellnessLiving help you find thousands of new customers who are encouraged and incentivized to get active and watch your revenue soar.

Hit Your Capacity

Fill Up In-Person and Virtual Services

The WellnessLiving and Gympass integration makes filling up your classes easier than ever. Their vast network provides you with thousands of new corporate users across the globe that will fight for spots in your class. Even if they are not physically close to you, they can sign up to try your online services and keep your virtual studio running at full capacity.


Why partner with Gympass?


Expand Your Reach

Access a world-wide list of incentivized corporate users searching for classes and sessions in the health and wellness sector.


Boost Your Profits

Your in-studio and virtual sessions will be advertised through Gympass and every reservation with your business earns you money.


Business Optimization

WellnessLiving and Gympass produce reporting, statistics and trends to help you better manage and target customers.


It’s Free

What Are You Waiting For?

WellnessLiving’s integration with Gympass gives you the tools to open up an entire new element of your business! Corporations are pouring money into this program to promote health and wellness among their employees and you can be a part of that. Take advantage of this no-cost program and propel your business to the next level.

Expand Your Business

Get Set Up with Gympass
In 3 Easy Steps

Gain access to thousands of incentivized prospects at no cost by integrating your WellnessLiving software with Gympass in 3 simple steps:


1. Sign Up

Sign up with Gympass as a Partner.


2. Connect

Contact WellnessLiving to initiate the integration.


3. Give Access

Indicate which classes should be Gympass accessible.

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