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Let WellnessLiving pay you monthly for every business you refer to us. The more we grow, the more you will, too!

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About the Partner Program

When WE get paid, YOU get paid!

For each referral you make to WellnessLiving, you will receive $20 each month for the lifetime of your referral’s subscription – no strings attached. Refer just one business and receive $240 every year!

Become a Partner

Benefits & Resources

What else do you get?

Track Your Referrals

You can monitor your referrals directly from WellnessLiving. Keep track of each and every referral and see how much cash you are generating every month.


We put you, your products, and your service on our platform to enhance your public recognition. When we work together, the sky is the limit.

Use Our Resources

We provide you with all the marketing tools you need, along with an entire library of resources.

Share & Earn

Refer a friend and you get paid $20 every month for the lifetime of their subscription!

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How it works


Sign up for the Partner Program and create your custom landing page.


Share your landing page link or promo code with your friends.


Your friends sign up with WellnessLiving and you get paid $20 every month for each referral!


Partner Types


Loving WellnessLiving’s features and functionalities? Share with your friends and help them thrive!

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Integrated Software

Integrate with WellnessLiving to create more value for fitness and wellness businesses as a part of our team.

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Co-brand with WellnessLiving, empower your network with the tools they need, and elevate your public recognition to generate more revenue.

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Approved Vendors
& Service Providers

Collaborate with WellnessLiving and tap into the fitness and wellness industries, boost your brand, and expand your market share by tenfold.

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