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In Cindy’s younger years she was an equestrian athlete that competed on the “A” circuit. She coached for several years and had a team of excellent junior equitation/hunter riders who rode on the Trillium circuit. Although she never lost her passion for horses, finding the time to properly dedicate to the sport at that high level was difficult.

As Cindy became less active as a rider, she started to struggle with weight gain.  She tried many activities, including aerobics, gyms, and other sports.  Nothing that she found helped get her in shape or interested her enough to keep her committed.  After logging some miles in running shoes, Cindy found running as a great way to keep her active, get her in shape and she found it helped keep her mind calm. The more she ran, the more she loved it. From years of competing in an individual sport, Cindy is very competitive with herself and is always looking to learn more about this sport. She has completed and trained for several marathon and half marathon training sessions and worked with members of the Body Design Team to get her back to pacing faster race paces through rigorous training programs.  She has run over 70 races over the years, some of which include 3 marathons and over 15 half marathons.    

She thinks running is such a unique sport in that it embraces people of all ages, sizes and skill level.  It doesn’t matter if you run a 4 minute kilometer or a 7 minute kilometer, it’s still a kilometer and you are out there doing it!

Cindy lives and loves Mt. Albert. She and her husband enjoy sailing in the summer, motorcycling when time allows and skiing together as a family in the winter. They recently rescued a little dog from Texas named Noel that came with lots of social challenges but has been rewarding with the loves she gives them all.

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