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Rhonda has been in the fitness industry for almost 30 years and has been a practicing Physical Therapist Assistant since 2005.  She completed her Pilates training in 1999 with Polestar Education and now works at a Physical Therapy clinic where she is able to utilize her pilates training with her patients.  Along with Pilates, one of her passions is Mashing, short for Thai MASHiatsu (a technique of the Ki-Hara Method of Resistance Stretching). Mashing is an innovative form of bodywork using the feet to compress and work deep to release myofascial restrictions to create a more lasting effect of changes in the body, 

Rhonda holds additional certifications with Titleist Performance Institute, ACE,Functional Movement Systems, and Ki-Hara Resisted Stretching.  In her free time she loves to golf and travel with her husband.

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