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Julie was originally certified in the Classical Method with Master Teacher Carol Appel in 2003 through the Body Kinetics program in San Francisco, but has continued studying to incorporate many contemporary movement methods. She was introduced to Pilates through injury and is a firm believer in the power of personal body awareness as a tool for recovery and discovery of potential thereafter.

Skilled on all apparatus, Julie loves seeking further education and has learned from Lizz Roman, Chris Black, Jean Sullivan, Leslie Howard, Thomas Myers, Steve Coleman, Kathy Corey, and Eric Franklin (to name a few). She has experience with pre and postnatal clients, Pilates-based rehabilitation, and fascial release techniques. She believes in helping un-stick the body and the mind in order to move forward in new, fun, and healthy ways.

Core strength, alignment, efficiency and grace in movement are goals in every session whether working with dancers, athletes, desk wranglers, musicians, and people of all ages and backgrounds. Injury and recovery have given Julie empathy and positivity, and she passes this on to her clients whether in a group or private setting.

Leaving her MS in Geography on the shelf, Julie is still a professional dancer and actor and can be found on screen and stage on both coasts.

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