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WellnessLiving's pole dance fitness management software is your all-in-one solution to keep your business organized and efficient. Streamline your studio's operations with integrated payment solutions, an app for staff and clients, pole reservations and much more!

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Booking Couldn’t Be Easier

We've got what you need to pack your schedule! Whether it’s online or from their mobile device, new and existing dancers can instantly book classes, private sessions and bachelorette parties at your pole dance studio.

Complete Convenience

Boost your attendance rates and streamline your business with easy multi-channel booking options for your pole fitness studio. With lots of automations in place, you can reach more clients, fill up classes and deliver excellent service with the latest features to make booking easy.

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Showcase your Studio

WellnessLiving has partnered with Google to bring you Reserve with Google. It allows clients to easily find and book your pole dance studio directly from web searches and map results.

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Interact with Ease

Increase engagement and attract new dancers with the help of our customizable widgets that provide a window into your pole dance studio. Simply embedded online, now you can use your very own website or Facebook page to allow your clients to explore your schedule, book classes, write reviews and more!

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Easily Manage Equipment

Let your clients conveniently reserve their favorite dancing pole with just a few clicks. Create a schedule for each room and pole within and you'll never have to worry overbooking the space or having enough time to clean in between.

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Convenient wellness business management software platform.
Reserve with Google helps to showcase your yoga studio
Business management software to make interactions easier using custom widgets.

Virtual Training Solutions

Expand the possibilities and reach dancers beyond your borders by including online classes from your pole dance studio. WellnessLiving's business management software has all the tools your pole dance business needs to go virtual!

Zoom virtual training for your studio, spa, gym or dojo.

Join industry leaders by live streaming your pole dance studio's services online! Lots of ladies may be feeling shy about dancing in front of others, so this could be a good way to ease beginners in. Provide live lessons, classes and private instruction online right through your pole fitness software!

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Woman doing virtual class from home using FitVid and Zoom.
FitVid virtual training and on demand classes.

Make your online services available for your clients on demand! Show some good stretches for before and after class or even create a promotional video for bachelorette parties. This user-friendly, dynamic platform allows you to build your pole dancing studio's brand with a customized video-on-demand channel.

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Customers Love Us



"WellnessLiving has so many features that help run my business with ease. It’s the best booking software out there by far!”

Sky Higginbotham

SkyPole Fitness

Marketing Solutions

WellnessLiving's automations make growing your dance pole business easy! Showcase your studio and target dancers using our exclusive marketing tools to attract, engage and retain your clients.

Dynamic marketing business management software for your studio, gym, spa or dojo.
Improve your studio's SEO and online presence.
Create connections by mailing postcards for your yoga studio

Make Yourself Memorable

Broadcast your dance pole business using our dynamic marketing tools to connect with your clients. Get your software working for you - setup automated messaging to encourage dancers to buy their next membership before this one expires, announce a class, workshop or teaching training, or even reach out to those you haven't seen in a while with completely customizable emails or text messages.

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Build Your Online Presence

We understand the importance of standing out online. Highlight your studio’s unique brand, get more traffic, and convert more leads into loyal pole dancers with your fully responsive and easy-to-use custom website featuring built-in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). From design to development and updates, we're with you every step of the way!

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Create Meaningful Connections

WellnessLiving makes it easy to implement your very own direct mail campaign. We help you design postcards to support your pole dance studio's brand and clearly get your message across. Stand out from the competition and increase engagement with a personalized postcard to show your clients you care.

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Test our SMS Feature

Easily create, target, and send SMS campaigns. Our SMS feature can help you reach customers on-the-go by sending SMS messages directly to their mobile device.

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Powerful Mobile Applications

Extend your reach beyond the studio and empower your clients and instructos by engaging them through your versatile apps. Our game-changing mobile client and staff apps are here to help you manage your pole dancing business.

Achieve Client App

Your customizable client app is designed to match the look and feel of your brand and will take your studio to the next level! Pole dancing clients will keep your business top of mind with easy access at their fingertips. Streamline and increase online bookings, engage your clients, make online sales and more with our industry-leading Achieve Client App.

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Achieve client app helps increase sales and retention at your studio, gym, spa or dojo. Elevate Staff App helps with point of sale, scheduling and client management.
Achieve client app helps increase sales and retention at your studio, gym, spa or dojo. Elevate Staff App helps with point of sale, scheduling and client management.
Achieve client app helps increase sales and retention at your studio, gym, spa or dojo. Elevate Staff App helps with point of sale, scheduling and client management.

Elevate Staff App

You and your instructors will love being able to manage the schedule on the go from our Elevate Staff App. Enjoy the freedom of substituting staff, scheduling new classes, viewing detailed reports or following up on missed payments, all of that and much more right in the palm of your hands.

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Payments / point of sale

Your Comprehensive Payment System

Our powerful payment and point of sale platforms make every transaction seamless and simple for you and all your clients. In addition to reducing your fees, you can store credit cards for monthly recurring billing and even sell your merchandise online. All the while WellnessLiving's business management software will automatically track your inventory with every purchase and deliver email receipts on your behalf. We are the all-in-one solution you need!

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Complete payment system software for your studio, gym, spa or dojo.

best features

Features Your Pole Dance Studio
Will Love

Find out what pole dance studio owners are raving about when it comes to using WellnessLiving's business management software - we will help you streamline your operations and make your business thrive.

Versatile Scheduling

Keeping track of all the different types of pole dance lessons you offer and when is a breeze in WellnessLiving! Pick one or more of your favorite views of the schedule and then save it for your convenience and to give you a snapshot of the information that's most important to you. Sub out instructors with 2 clicks or even setup a waiting list that does the work for you - it's that simple!

Staff Management

Dance pole business owners love that WellnessLiving has the tools to help them manage their instructors. Determine how much access each staff member has and assign tasks through the software to make sure your clients are fully supported. You can even assign multiple pay rates and let us track your payroll and provide you with exportable reports.

Recurring Memberships

Set up recurring monthly memberships that clients can share with family. Track client attendance and membership purchases, with the ability to automate a reminder when the expiry date is coming up. Offer different memberships for different dance levels? Automate the conversion and more through WellnessLiving's versatile memberships and passes.

Online Registration

We want to keep your studio organized and free up your time from manual tasks, while also signing up clients and reducing waste. As soon as clients register online, they will be prompted to sign your waiver - just a swipe of their finger on the app or your mouse/signature pad in the studio and their form is signed and stored on their unique client profiles.

Easy Communicating

Easily reach one client from their profile or organize them into categories to target specific dance genres, age groups or skill levels by text, email or push notifications. Automate your business by setting up unique notifications that will be sent out to your dancers and instructors to remind them of their classes or notify them when a lesson is cancelled.

Special Events

Planning your bachelorette parties just got simpler. Whether you're providing a unique workshop or instructor training, we help you to stay organized by keeping those events separate from your regular classes. Easily provide early bird offers, payment plans or embed our event widget on your website - we want to make sure that you are filling up those spots!

WellnessLiving custom reports and data center. Staffing, payroll, scheduling, inventory and marketing.

Advanced reporting

Powerful Data at Your Fingertips

Instantly gain deep insight into your pole dancing business by staying on top of all your key metrics with a detailed range of custom reports, all exportable in Excel format. You have the freedom to save your favorite reports and customize your own dashboard so that you can get a daily overview of your operations as soon as you login to WellnessLiving. We track your data so you can make informed decisions about staffing, payroll, inventory, marketing, and more.ore.

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Cutting Edge Business Tools

WellnessLiving is more than just a business management software, we are your business partner and we're here to help take the load off! From managing your instructors and dancers to optimizing your workflow, we are in your corner offering dynamic tools to help you find new leads, increase engagement, boost retention, and scale your yoga studio!

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A Letter From Our CEO

Len  Fridman
Co-Founder & CEO

We’ve spent years creating an all in one business management platform for your poll dancing studio. Our aim is to make the business portion of your studio as automated and as easy as possible. Using our built in features to automate emails, scheduling, marketing, rewards and so much more, we help your poll dancing studio reach it’s ultimate potential.

WellnessLiving’s pole dancing business management software has powerful, easy to use features. Our built in marketing features make lead generation and automated communication a cinch. Create a variety of custom built campaigns and have them ready to go in minutes. Use our SMS and email features to reach your customers instantly. Messages can be sent with behavior conditions such as a purchase, visit count or number of days inactive. By automating your lead capture, retention and follow up, you will be able to attract more leads. Whether it’s a single email for special promotions or auto-responders to send a campaign, WellnessLiving has you covered. Our spam scoring helps emails arrive in your target’s inbox at a 99% rate. Automate your marketing, manage your staff, schedule and promote your poll dancing business all from WellnessLiving’s easy to use platform.

WellnessLiving’s features make the business side of your studio automated and easy to use. You can now focus your energy on providing your clients with a state of the art experience. We help you automate and generate leads, so you don’t have too. Just sit back and watch your business grow!


Len  Fridman
Co-Founder & CEO

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