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Key Features
Explorer Business Listing
Boost your business visibility on the largest Health and Wellness directory worldwide! With WellnessLiving Explorer, potential clients can easily discover your business by category or location, bringing thousands closer to your services.
Elevate Staff App
Give your staff the ability to easily book appointments and assets, view schedules, cancel classes, and update availability—all from their mobile device. They can also sell products, passes, and memberships while on the move.
Achieve Client App
Empower your customers to find and book services, right from their mobile phone.
Branded Client Web Portal
Take the load off your front desk with a branded client desktop experience. Clients can check in, book services, manage profiles, view schedules, track and redeem rewards, and shop online – all in one place.
POS & Credit Card Processing
Save over 20% with our payment processing for recurring billing, credit card storage, and mobile sales.
Email Notifications
Out-of-the-box email notification templates ensure clients stay informed about important services and account updates.
SMS Notifications
Pay per SMS
500 Included
500 Included
500 Included
Keep your clients engaged and informed with instant SMS updates. Choose from templated messages or personalize them to suit your communication needs.
Client Database
Add unlimited clients to your business without restrictions.
Staff Management
Empower your team by creating flexible staff roles with customizable permission settings and notification preferences. Manage payroll, attendance, and more for each staff member.
Schedule Classes, Events & Appointments
Schedule Classes & Appointments
Clients can easily find and book your classes and manage events like yoga training or cooking courses. Use our intuitive tools for hassle-free scheduling and real-time appointment booking.
Book-a-Spot Asset Reservations
Our industry-leading asset management allows you to reserve assets for specific services or rent them out individually.
Client Self Check-in & Registration Kiosk
Enable seamless, on-site client registration at your business location. Clients can quickly enter essential details and complete your required forms such as waivers and contracts.
Mobile-Friendly Website Widgets
Our suite of configurable website widgets enables clients to book services, make purchases, and leave reviews directly from your website, including on mobile devices.
Customizable & Secure Form Builder
Streamline and secure record-keeping with fully customizable client forms.
Extensive Business Reports
Access detailed reports on sales, client attendance, and more to gauge marketing effectiveness, revenue by instructor, and other key metrics. Customize and save reports to track your KPIs across sales, marketing, staff, and clients.
Introductory Offers
Create enticing and unique offers that are only available to your new clients.
Gift Cards
Customize gift cards with set amounts, specific services, products, or any combination of store purchase options.
Client Reviews
Share your customer reviews online to build credibility for your brand and attract more clients to your business.
Rewards & Loyalty Program
Create excitement among your clientele by introducing friendly competition and boosting retention with our fully integrated rewards program.
Multi-Location Cloud Management
Get access to our Enterprise Cloud functionality, perfect for large scale operations.
Data Migration
Safely transfer all your essential data, including client memberships, session passes, payment history, and schedules, into our system.
24/7 Customer Support
Community + Live Chat
Community, Live Chat, Email + Phone
Community, Live Chat, Email + Phone
Dedicated Account Manager
Email, phone, live chat & 24/7 AI support, when you need it most.
Booking & Scheduling
Mobile-Friendly Client Booking
Clients can effortlessly find and book your services using their mobile devices.
Automated Email & Text Reminders
Ensure your clients never miss important services or updates with our email and text notification templates.
Configurable Wait Lists
Easily manage demand for classes, events, appointments, and assets with flexible wait list settings to keep services at full capacity.
Easy Family Booking
Schedule services or classes for family members, friends, or any connections linked in your profile.
Client Management
Number of Clients
Add unlimited clients to your business without restrictions.
Automated Client Groups
Segment your clients based on various criteria to customize communication and services for each group.
Advanced CRM with Custom Profile Fields
Elevate your client management by fully customizing the information you collect and monitor from your clients.
Digital Waivers & Contracts
Our built-in waivers and contracts can be easily signed using a mouse, signature pad or a finger on a mobile device. You can even restrict access for your clients until they sign the correct forms.
Transformation Log
Track and display your clients' progress by recording their physical measurements over time and uploading daily progress photos.
Customizable & Secure Form Builder
Make record keeping easy and secure with fully customizable client forms.
Belt Progress Tracking
Effortlessly monitor your students' advancement by promoting them to the next training level upon completion of all prerequisites.
Relationship & Family Management
Easily schedule, pay for, and manage accounts for your family members.
Membership & Auto-pay Billing
Increase your revenue with customizable memberships that are automatically billed to your clients.
Staff Management
Number of Staff Members
Create unique staff profiles and log-ins with customizable permission settings.
Payroll Tracking
Track staff pay rates, hours, classes, and commissions.
Staff Roles & Permissions
Control staff access by limiting their ability to view sensitive information or modify business settings.
You can set staff pay rates, allowing team members to earn commissions on sales and services provided to clients.
Task Management
Organize your staff and streamline day-to-day activities by assigning tasks to specific staff with important information and due dates.
Staff Notifications
Keep your staff informed with email and SMS notifications.
Client Reviews & Rewards
Prompt Clients to Leave Verified Reviews
Encourage customers to leave reviews for the classes and appointments they attend.
Syndicate Reviews To Google
Proudly display your verified customer reviews on your Google My Business listing.
Respond to & Feature Client Reviews
Manage and respond to reviews easily in one place. Staff can reply and select which reviews to publish.
Automated Reward Program
Clients can automatically earn points for booking and attending classes, services, and more.
Configure Reward Prizes
Clients can use points to redeem custom prizes like special discounts, free services, and more.
Rewards Program Leaderboard
Gamify your studio experience by rewarding top scorers with prizes and showcasing rankings on our digital leaderboard. Run weekly or monthly contests to spark competition and encourage customers to bring friends into the action.
Marketing & Promotion
Email, Text, and Push Marketing Campaigns
Create and schedule marketing email, text, and in-app push notifications.
Lead Management with Drip Campaigns
Grow your clientele by capturing and tracking leads. Nurture them through email drip campaigns.
Reserve with Google, GymPass, and ClassPass Integrations
Enable Google users to book a class, event, or appointment directly from Google search, Google Maps, or the Reserve with Google website. Integrate with GymPass and ClassPass to introduce prospective clients to your studio using their GymPass or ClassPass memberships.
Sync Audiences with MailChimp & ConstantContact
When clients sign up for your business, WellnessLiving can automatically sync your client's email to your MailChimp or Constant Contact email list.
Direct Mail Postcards
Pay Per Use
Pay Per Use
Pay Per Use
Pay Per Use
Build lasting connections - send personalized postcards directly to clients using our DirectMail campaigns.
2-way Conversational SMS
Pay per SMS
Connect to your clients and prospects with personalized reminders, appointment confirmations, and 2-way conversations.
Reports & Analytics
From analyzing your sales to reviewing client attendance, you have detailed reports at your fingertips. Understand which marketing campaigns worked best, which instructor’s class generates the most revenue, and much more.
Interactive Graphs
With just the click of a button, you will have all of the information you need at your fingertips and in a visually-organized form.
Product & Inventory Tracking
Manage your products and inventory in your online store. Whether you sell clothing, water bottles, or yoga mats, you can manage your inventory levels to ensure your clients have access to the products they want.
Real-time Dashboards
Create and customize dashboards that contain WellnessLiving reports so that you can see the information you need, whenever you need it.
Custom Dashboard
Customize and save your favorite reports to your shareable dashboard. use Isaac – your personal AI assistant – to gain perspective and understand your business on a whole new level.
Client-at-risk Predictor
Use Isaac AI to predict when clients are at risk of leaving your business and learn to understand your business on a whole new level.
Branded Client Experience
Custom Achieve Client App
Our white-label app Achieve app empowers your customers to find and book services, right from their mobile phone.
Custom Presence Website
Our team will build a beautiful custom website for your business that's directly integrated with your WellnessLiving business account.
Attendance Web App
Make class and event attendance tracking faster and easier with our Attendance Web App. You can view current, past, or upcoming classes or events, check clients into services, and take class attendance.
Self Check-in App
The Self Check-In App allows clients to check themselves into services on a computer or tablet.
Self Registration App
The Self Registration App allows new clients to register themselves and family members either in person or online.
Schedule Widget
Our fully customizable schedule widget makes it super easy for your clients to book classes from your website or Facebook page.
Appointment Widget
Our fully customizable appointment widget lets clients book themselves based on your real-time availability.
Event Widget
Our fully customizable events widget allows your clients to search for and book events directly from your website or Facebook page.
Lead Capture Widget
Build your customer base by collecting new leads right from your website with our fully customizable lead capture widget.
Review Widget
With our fully customizable review widget, your clients can easily read and write reviews about your business right on your website or Facebook page.
Store Widget
Draw attention to your built-in online store and up your retail revenue with a fully customizable store widget on your website or Facebook page.
Staff Widget
Our fully customizable staff widget allows you to create profiles of your team members, making it easy for potential clients to see what they look like, view their upcoming classes, and check out their biography.
Message Center (Additional Texts)
Messaging rates vary by country
Messaging rates vary by country
Messaging rates vary by country
Messaging rates vary by country
Quick Setup

If you're on a tight timeline and need help configuring the software, our QUICK Setup option is the way to go. Together, we collaborate on configuring your business settings, staff, services, products, and online store. We'll guide you through every step, ensuring that everything is set up efficiently, enabling your staff and clients to start using the software as soon as possible.

Data Migration

If you're migrating from MindBody, ABC Fitness, or another platform, we can convert your existing data and import it into WellnessLiving. Two free data migration imports are included in your WellnessLiving subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change plans at any time?

You bet! Upgrade anytime right from your WellnessLiving dashboard.

I do recurring billing. Will I have to collect client credit card data again?

No, many merchant processors will provide you with your client’s encrypted credit card information upon request for a nominal fee. After the data is exported from your existing system, the Onboarding Specialist assigned to your account will do the rest.

What about system uptime and data security?

System uptime and data security is our top priority. To that end, we have partnered with Amazon Web Services to deploy a modern, robust, industry-leading technology infrastructure platform with all the benefits that the cloud brings to bear and we strive for 99.9% uptime. We follow strict PCI compliance protocols to ensure that all of your data, including your clients’ credit card information, receives commercial bank level protection and security.

Are there any costs for training?

We provide FREE TRAINING & ONBOARDING as part of our White Glove Onboarding experience. During the onboarding process, you’ll build a relationship with a dedicated Onboarding Specialist who will get to know your business through an introductory Kick-Off Call and later will help you get the most out of the software during two 1hr Training Sessions.

How will you bill me?

We offer both monthly and annual billing. You can pay by credit card online. Our BusinessPro and Enterprise plans have the option of invoicing. Contact us for details.



"The transition to WellnessLiving was seamless and we look forward to the future of growing our business."

Erika Jones

We Are Yoga

Boost Your Business Revenue by +57%

  • Save Time and Grow Faster — Manage your bookings and payments in fewer clicks with easy-to-use features.
  • Increase Brand Loyalty — Level up with your very own custom-branded iOS and Android client apps.
  • Get More Clients — Attract, convert, and retain with a fully-integrated custom website and powerful SEO.

We have significantly improved our member engagement and retention strategies. It’s the ultimate solution!

Steve Cristini
Cristini Athletics
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