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Basic Wrestling (month to month) Membership

This membership gives you access to all regular scheduled wrestling classes and the following;

3F Wrestling Team Gear – 3F Wrestling Team Gear is usually purchased on a semi-annual basis. All Basic members will be able to purchase 3F Team Gear that is preordered or in-stock.

Coaching at team selected local tournaments - The coaching staff will attend select tournaments through out the year. Coaches will corner members during their matches, with the exception of wrestling another team member.

3F Wrestling System Camps -  We host multiple wrestling camps through out the year. Current basic members at the time of the camp will receive 25% off attendance of those camps.

Refund Policy: Refunds will only be given on future classes. If class date has already passed then there will be no refund. In the case of an injury refunds or credits will only apply to dates after notification to 3F staff no back dating.

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Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Membership
Number of Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: Auto-Renew
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$ 150.00 /month
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