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Digital Membership
Digital Membership

What our new digital membership offers:
- More ON and OFF the pole class options!
- More variety of classes!
- Unlimited access to live digital classes!
- Unlimited access to pre-recorded digital classes! We will be recording all our zoom classes and creating a video library for you to keep and redo a class you LOVED or do a class you missed live.
- Personalized classes catered to your needs
- Progressions and regressions for all levels
- Awesome coaches who help you achieve the moves
- Community time with familiar faces
- Month-to-month / Zero commitment

BONUS: The Digital Membership can be shared with whoever is in your household. Ex. If you live with a partner/roommate, both of you can share one membership!

Step 1: Look at our digital class schedule on  

Step 2: Book your digital classes online or through the Achieve by WellnessLiving app under ONLINE CLASSES. Classes in purple do not require a pole at home and are catered to small spaces. Classes in orange are pole classes.

Step 3: Turn on your email notifications! The Zoom link will be emailed to you a minimum of 15 min before the start of the class. If you haven't received the link within that time frame, please email us at

Purchase Option type
Access to Sessions
Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Membership
Access to Sessions: Open Pole, Kids Pole, Digital: Floor Flow, Digital: Be Flexy, Digital: Pole Transitions, Digital: AD Burlesque, Digital: AD Floor Tricks, Digital: Core Overflow, Digital: Exotic Spin Pole, Digital: AD Floor, Digital: AD Pole, Digital: Heel Pole Flow, Digital: Spin Pole Foundations, Digital: Tail Feather Tuesday, Digital: AD Chair, Digital: AD Pole Tricks, Digital: Pole Beginner, Digital: Pole Intermediate, Digital: Pole Technique, Digital: Inverted Spin Pole, Digital: GoGo Cardio, Digital: Climbs and Sits, Digital: Ayeshas & Handsprings, Digital: Exotic Pole Tricks, Digital: Inverted Tricks, Digital: Invert Prep, Digital: Heel Work, Digital: Power Up!, Digital: Make It Juicy
Number of Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: Auto-Renew
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