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Digital Membership
Digital Membership

What it offers:
- Unlimited access to our online live classes
- Personalized classes catered to your needs
- Variety of on and off the pole options
- Progressions and regressions for all levels
- Awesome coaches who help you achieve the moves
- Community time with familiar faces
- Month-to-month / Zero commitment

Step 1: Look at our digital class schedule on  

Step 2: Book your digital classes online or through the Achieve by WellnessLiving app under ONLINE CLASSES. Classes in purple do not require a pole at home and are catered to small spaces. Classes in orange are pole classes.

Step 3: Turn on your email notifications! The Zoom link will be emailed to you a minimum of 15 min before the start of the class. If you haven't received the link within that time frame, please email us at

BONUS: The Digital Membership can be shared with whoever is in your household. Ex. If you live with a partner/roommate, both of you can share one membership!

Purchase Option type
Clients can attend
Purchase Option type: Membership
Clients can attend: Client can attend all current and future classes
Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: 1 month
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$ 87.00 /month
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