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Access to Sessions: Heart & Soul, Outdoor Heart and Soul, Guided Meditation, Outdoor Vinyasa, Virtual Align Your Soul, Virtual Barre Your Soul, Virtual Deep Stretch, Virtual Flow and Let Go with Reiki, Virtual Pilates, Virtual Yoga For All Beings, Align Your Soul, Deep Stretch, Flow & Let Go with Reiki, Hot Power Hour, New Teacher Feature, Strong Soul, Sweat Your Soul, Warm Yin & Vin, Warm Your Soul, Yoga For All Beings, Virtual Pilates Yoga Fusion, Pilates Yoga Fusion, Virtual Power Hour, Warm Power Hour, Ishia test virtual, POP-UP Goodnight, Yogi In-Person, Halloween POP-UP!, POP-UP Yoga Nidra Meditation, Virtual Yin and Vin, POP-UP Virtual Yoga Nidra, POP-UP NYE Movement and Meditation, POP-UP Virtual NYE Movement and Meditation, Revive & Reiki, Virtual Revive & Reiki, Barre Your Soul, POP-UP Deep Stretch In-Person, Pop-Up Deep Stretch Virtual, POP-UP Goodnight, Yogi Virtual, POP-UP Virtual Power Hour, POP-UP Reiki & Restore, Pop-Up Flow & Let Go with Reiki, Virtual Flow & Let Go with Reiki, Pop-Up Beginners & Basics, Beginners & Basics, Warm Deep Stretch & Tone, Deep Stretch & Tone Virtual, POP-UP Hot Power Hour, Warm Slow Soul, Virtual Slow Soul
Number of Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: 30 days
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Flex Workshop - In Person Mar 13, 2021 - Oct 22, 2021
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