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10 Open Workouts Pack + Rental

10 Open workout station of 6sqft you can use for ground work, Circus point or Double point Hammock and a choice of your equipment.

For you rental we will provide Crash pads, 2 karabiners and 1 swivel.

Each time slot is limited to 00:45 min unless there is no booking afterwords so you can extend your time

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Access to Sessions
Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Session Pass
Access to Sessions: AcroYoga Flow: Levels 1-2, Aerial Barre Fitness, Aerial Circus 101 & up, Aerial Dance: Level 2, Aerial Dance: Level 3, Aerial Dance: Open Level, Aerial Mellow Flow: Aromatherapy, Aerial Yoga: Level 2/3, Aerial Yoga: Level 3, Aerial Yoga: Mellow Flow, Hammock Playground: Level 1, Hammock Playground: Level 101, Hammock Playground: Level 2 & Up, CIRCUS Silks: Intermediate/Advanced, CIRCUS Single Point Hammock: Open Level, Aerial Yoga Core: Mixed Level (Community), Aerial Yoga: Level 1 (Community), Aerial Yoga: Mellow Flow (Community), Gentle Aerial Yoga: Open Level (Community), Vinyasa (Community): Open Level, Yin Yoga Community Class, Kids Aerial Dance 101, Kids Aerial Dance 2, Kids Circus 101, Kids Hammock 101, Flexibility: Open Level, Handstands 101, Morning Vinyasa: Open Level, Restorative Yoga: Open Level, Vinyasa: Foundation Level, Vinyasa: Open Level, AcroYoga JAM, CIRCUS Open Workout, Open Workout Express, Kids Aerial Dance 1, Kids Circus 2, Kids Bungee Tumble, Kids Flex & Contort, Kids Contemporary Dance, Hammock Playground: Level 1 (Community), CIRCUS Silks: Open Level, Thanksgiving Gratitude Flow, Kids Acrobatic Dance 101, Kids Acrobatic Dance 2, Aerial Circus 101 Silks/Lyra, Aerial Circus 101 Silks/Hammock , Aerial Circus 101 Hammock/Lyra, Rooftop Flexibility, Rooftop Ashtanga, Rooftop Drills & Conditioning, Covid Open Training, Zoom Valen-THAI’s Day, Planing Meeting
Number of Sessions: 10
Duration: 6 months
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