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1 Station + Equip Rental

1 Open workout station of 6sqft you can use for ground work, Circus point or Double point Hammock and the equipment of your choice.

For you rental we will provide Crash pads, 2 karabiners and 1 swivel.

Each time slot is limited to 00:45 min unless there is no booking afterwords so you can extend your time

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Access to Sessions
Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Session Pass
Access to Sessions: AcroYoga Flow: Levels 1-2, Aerial Barre Fitness, Aerial Circus 101 & up, Aerial Dance: Level 2, Aerial Dance: Level 3, Aerial Dance: Open Level, Aerial Mellow Flow: Aromatherapy, Aerial Yoga: Level 2/3, Aerial Yoga: Level 3, Aerial Yoga: Mellow Flow, Hammock Playground: Level 1, Hammock Playground: Level 101, Hammock Playground: Level 2 & Up, CIRCUS Silks: Intermediate/Advanced, CIRCUS Single Point Hammock: Open Level, Aerial Yoga Core: Mixed Level (Community), Aerial Yoga: Level 1 (Community), Aerial Yoga: Mellow Flow (Community), Gentle Aerial Yoga: Open Level (Community), Vinyasa (Community): Open Level, Yin Yoga Community Class, Kids Aerial Dance 101, Kids Aerial Dance 2, Kids Circus 101, Kids Hammock 101, Flexibility: Open Level, Handstands 101, Morning Vinyasa: Open Level, Restorative Yoga: Open Level, Vinyasa: Foundation Level, Vinyasa: Open Level, AcroYoga JAM, CIRCUS Open Workout, Open Workout Express, Kids Aerial Dance 1, Kids Circus 2, Kids Bungee Tumble, Kids Flex & Contort, Kids Contemporary Dance, Hammock Playground: Level 1 (Community), CIRCUS Silks: Open Level, Thanksgiving Gratitude Flow, Kids Acrobatic Dance 101, Kids Acrobatic Dance 2, Aerial Circus 101 Silks/Lyra, Aerial Circus 101 Silks/Hammock , Aerial Circus 101 Hammock/Lyra, Rooftop Flexibility, Rooftop Ashtanga, Rooftop Drills & Conditioning, Covid Open Training, Zoom Valen-THAI’s Day, Planing Meeting
Number of Sessions: 1
Duration: 6 months
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