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Fighting Fit Fencing
Adult (18+) Fighting Fit Annual Membership
Adult (18+) Fighting Fit Annual Membership

Benefits include:

Access to monthly membership fees
Access to members discounts for EVERY class or session you attend
Access to Reward points
Removal of any expiration date on any existing sessions in your account
Full Insurance Cover for all sparring and in-house competitions including GB League
British Fencing Membership* (Does not include Competitor level but can be upgraded for a small fee at any time)
Ability to fence in the GB league
Priority booking for special evets/1-2-1 lessons/piste hire
Fighting Fit tee-Shirt
2 x sessions of your choice to get you started

Please note if you already hold your own BF membership - please continue with the above enrolment for a FF member as above and your account will be credited with £30.00  upon proof of a current BF membership

If you would like to compete at National/International level please let us know and we can upgrade your account as follows :

Adult Competitor Annual Membership & Insurance Cover additional Payment £30.00 per adult is required.

Purchase Option type
Access to Sessions
Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Session Pass
Access to Sessions: Client can attend all current and future classes
Number of Sessions: 2
Duration: Auto-Renew
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