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AUTO RENEW Mini-Membership 5 Classes per Month $59

Not quite ready to make the leap to a full unlimited membership? We understand.
Our mini-membership offers students 5 Yoga or Barre Classes each month, for $59--less than $12 per class!

This membership auto-renews, and requires that we have a signed contract on file--see Terms & Conditions, below.

Unused classes expire 30 days after date of purchase; unused classes do not roll over.

Purchase Option type
Access to Sessions
Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Membership
Access to Sessions: Balance + Flow, Barre, Slow Burn, Vinyasa at Lookout Park, Virtual Balance & Flow, Virtual Barre, Virtual Slow Burn, Virtual Vinyasa, Yin & Meditation, Candle Light Slow Flow, Virtual Yin & Meditation, Virtual Candlelight Slow Flow, Virtual Restorative & Sound Meditation, Restorative & Sound Meditation, Buss Down Barre, Virtual Bussdown Barre, Vinyasa, Virtual Express Flow 45, Restore After the Run(Oct 24, 2021 - Oct 24, 2021)
Number of Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: Auto-Renew
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