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Ultimate Introduction to Calisthenics
Ultimate Introduction to Calisthenics

This limited time offer is the ultimate introduction to calisthenics.

Take advantage of x4 half price PT sessions and a 1 month trial of group classes with all the support, knowledge and progressions you need in order to learn and master the skills required for handstands, muscle ups and other fun bodyweight skills.

No matter your age, strength or experience, this is everything you need if you've been thinking about training calisthenics and haven't been sure where to start. Over your x4 PT sessions and 1 month of group classes we will;

  • Assess your strength level and educate you on reaching your goals

  • Help you understand the foundations of calisthenics and what exercises are right for you

  • Discover and work through any physical limitations and give you guidance on the improvements you'll need

  • Help you acclimatise to the pace and systems of our group training to make you feel confident and ready during classes

  • Teach you proper form and technique

  • Meet a community of like-minded people (including our friendly coaches)

  • Provide additional training and support on any technical exercises you might encounter in your first 1-4 weeks of training calisthenics

This ultimate introductory offer is $168 for:

  • One month of group training!

  • Choose from 60+ classes over two locations (Northgate & South Bank)

  • Enjoy members only skill sessions designed to give you the knowledge to support advanced bodyweight exercises

  • One month of half price PT sessions (1 per week over 4 weeks) at $$35ea!

That's $436 worth of value for $168! (save $244!)

Limited to 20 new clients (10 per location)

Sign up now using the link below and start your calisthenics journey with the most experienced Calisthenics coaches in Australia!

Purchase Option type
Access to Sessions
Number of Sessions
Purchase Option type: Time-Based Pass
Access to Sessions: Upper Body, Lower Body & Core, All Body, Cali-Skills, Cali-Stretch, Cali-Fit North vs South - Round 3, Cali-Fit North vs South - Round 3(Oct 16, 2021 - Oct 16, 2021)
Number of Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: 30 days
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