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Superhero Monthly Membership (Auto Renew)
Superhero Monthly Membership (Auto Renew)

You can attend your level, any level below plus as many times as you like! This is the best way to learn quickly, meet lots of people and practice your new skills (aka superpowers!)

For being a Superhero member you get:
Discounted Workshops and Events
Unlimited Classes at your level
No hassle auto-renew
15% off private lessons
Discounts for our Student and Amateur teams

Students must pass assessment to attend levels 3-5 in each dance style.

- Monthly Auto Renewal will be automatically billed to your credit card or deducted from your account at the same time each month/year until you cancel.
- Debit cards are NOT acceptable forms of payment for this membership.
- They are non refundable , non transferable and can not be shared or redeemed for cash.
- Students on this membership receive discounts for performance memberships.
- A minimum 3 months membership payment is required before cancellation or a hold is accepted.
- Hold may be done twice during the year. Minimum of 2 weeks to a maximum of 8 weeks in total.
- The student must request the suspension in writing via email at least 3 working days before your payment day.
- The student must request cancellation in writing via email at least 3 working days before your payment day. No refunds or partial refunds will be issued after the payment has been processed.
- THERE ARE NO CREDITS OR REFUNDS FOR UNUSED MONTHLY MEMBERSHIPS. Monthly deductions will continue regardless if your choose to book classes until the cancellation notice is received.
- Schedule, hours of operation & classes are subject to change without notice. Pivot reserves the right to add or remove courses from the timetable.
- Bookings are essential for all courses. Without booking the students may not be allowed to participate in the class. Numbers are restricted per class.  
- Pivot  reserves the right to cancel classes in the instance we cannot find an appropriate instructor or weather conditions.
- Unsuccessful payment will be charged $15 administration fee.

Purchase Option type
Clients can attend
Purchase Option type: Membership
Clients can attend: Client can attend all current and future classes
Sessions: Unlimited
Duration: 24 months
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