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10 Class Pack
10 Class Pack


Purchase Option type:
Session Pass
Number of Sessions:
1 year
Access to Sessions:
Bikram Yoga 90, Silent or CD 90 Min Hot Yoga, Teacher Meeting, Pot Luck, ZOOM - Virtual Class, Core P.L.A.Y. - Balance, ZOOM Core P.L.A.Y., Advanced Series - Full 84 Posture Set, Yoga ShapeShifting, Happy Hips, Hot Pilates HIIT, ZOOM Hot Pilates, ABC News, 26 PLUS, Blue Zones Ribbon Cutting
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We get it. Life gets busy with your spouse, kids, work, school, crushing Riverdale on Netflix, or updating your Match profile.

You understand the value and responsibility of your personal and holistic health. You need a pass that supports your practice at a frequency that is currently real for you to maintain.

If you usually practice once a week, on occasion more, this pass is for you.

Get 10 classes per month for only $165. Only $16.50 per class (reg. $25)

**Also you have the option to purchase more than one pack in the same transaction to receive a $65 discount on the additional packs! (Example: The first 10 pack is $165, the 2nd is only $100 ($265) , the 3rd is only $100 ($365)

You have 1 full year per 10 pack to use your classes.

AND yes you can share your classes with one other person!

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