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Hot Yoga 90 Minutes, Free Hot 90 Community Class, Silent or CD 90 Min Hot Yoga, Teacher Meeting, Pot Luck, ZOOM - Virtual Class, Kundalini Yoga Gong Bath with DamaDe', Core P.L.A.Y. - Balance, ZOOM Core P.L.A.Y., ZOOM Kundalini Yoga Gong Bath, Advanced Series - Full 84 Posture Set, ShapeShifting, Happy Hips, Kundalini with Sound Vibration
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ou understand that taking personal responsibility for your health and wellness is not just a good idea, but also a personal obligation. If you don’t have you health you don’t have anything.

If you plan on a 2+ day per week practice this is for you!

With this pass you eliminate all barriers to your practice and get some epic perks!

• Unlimited yoga classes
• 3 week long yoga buddy passes
• 15% off yoga retail (excluding drinks)
• Exclusive deals on yoga workshops
• Rate Lock (never pay more as long as you’re current)
• Option to freeze your yoga pass

Only $140 / month  $109 / month if you opt in during your intro pass or you’re eligible for our special pricing

That’s as low as $9 per class when you practice on 3x per week, less when you practice more!

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