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30 Day All Access Pass
30 Day All Access Pass

For 30 Days try everything we have to offer at GRIT!  

This trial will allow you to enjoy a Private Training Session, where you will work 1 on 1 with a coach. Semi Private Training Sessions where you and up to 3 others work together in a small group with a coach. Or Team Training where you and up to 20 friends build up a sweat and have some fun in our high energy large group class.

This is an unlimited package which means you can train with us as many day as you would like during your 30 days. Try it all then decide which offering is best for you.

Purchase Option type
Access to Sessions
Attendance Restriction
Purchase Option type: Membership
Access to Sessions: Team Training, Semi Private Training, Private Training with Patrick, Private Training with Mike, Private Training with Wes, Private Training with Brianna
Attendance Restriction: 1 x day
6 x week
30 x month
Duration: 1 month
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