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Align Yoga Series
Align Yoga Series

   Led by Pamela Ryan, LMT, RYT.

Mondays at 5:45PM to 7:15PM  September 16, 23, 30 October 7, 14, 21

 We hope you can join us for another six-week series of Align Yoga. In this
discipline, sequences are carefully drafted to help students understand and correct musculoskeletal imbalances. Most postures are held 30-60 seconds to reset muscle
memory to neutral. A consistent practice can either alleviate or help to prevent
nagging aches and pains.

This class is appropriate for recreational and competitive athletes alike. 
NO yoga experience needed. You’ll need a yoga mat (or you may rent one of ours). 
Please wear comfortable clothing that will allow maximum movement. 
Fee for all 6 classes is $100.
Class size is limited to 12 participants.


Our Instructor - Pamela Ryan, LMT RYT

Pamela has been a sports massage therapist since 1997 and a yoga instructor since 2006. 
She has studied a number of yoga disciplines in the U.S. and India, and is a
 dedicated student of the Iyengar yoga method. A Lafayette native, Pamela worked in the 
Dallas-Fort Worth area with Olympic and professional athletes for 20 years. Her passion
 is to help athletes recover and care for their bodies in order to achieve their goals.


(Type: Event, Period: Jan 14, 2019 - Feb 18, 2019, Sessions: 6)
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