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Yoga Art Therapy - An Inspired Weekend Retreat
Yoga Art Therapy - An Inspired Weekend Retreat

Fear, anxiety and stress are common causes of chakra blocks that can disrupt harmony in our bodies and cause disease, as well as, emotional and mental disorders in the physical body.
Through yoga art therapy you will gain improved physical, mental and emotional health 2.5 day immersive retreat exploring the energetic body, chakra opening and tapping into your creative self. Through interactive yoga and art workshops you will learn about movement, lines, colors and their relationship to your experience in life as shapes, forms and vibrations. Focusing on simplicity you will gain insight on how to settle your mind and how to become balanced within you. Increase your clarity on how to generate vital energy that is directed to manifesting what you seek in your life. Ultimately, you will get to reflect on who you are with yourself.
Between activities, you’ll have free time to immerse yourself in nature at the beach or kayaking along the Sebastian River.
Reset your body with a variety of fresh home-cooked plant-based meals served throughout each day to support your journey through introspection.
The retreat takes place at the beautiful Island View Cottages Resort in Sebastian, Florida. We’re hosting this weekend event as a part of Alma Community’s Adult Summer Camp Series.
No prior yoga, meditation, or artistic experience is required to attend.
What you will learn:
1. How to use art and creativity as a source of physical & emotional healing.
2. How to use paint to express yourself emotionally.
3. How to cultivate self-awareness and support spiritual growth using observation in restorative yoga practice.
4. How to remove chakra blocks using sound healing techniques such as chanting, singing bowls, and sound baths.
5. How to generate and channel vital energy through your body’s chakra system using chakra meditation.

(Type: Event, Period: Sep 27, 2019 - Sep 29, 2019, Sessions: 3)
Days of week
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Sep 27, 2019 -
Sep 29, 2019
Fri / Sat / Sun
3:00PM - 3:00AM
Alma Community
1 year
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