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Intensive Reformer
Intensive Reformer

Intensive Reformer (IR) is intended for those with a passion for fitness and movement. Conducted over 50 hours, typically 4 weekends. This course teaches you to design and lead the Essential and Intermediate STOTT PILATES Reformer repertoire for personal or group training settings for a range of clients. You will leave with a solid foundation and required skills to develop effective and motivating Pilates Reformer programs.

  • The STOTT PILATES Five Basic Principles
  • Essential, Intermediate, Power workouts
  • Effective use of the reformer to enhance torso stability and strength, peripheral extremity conditioning, joint stability, flexibility, balance and coordination
  • Effective communication and observational skills
  • Verbal cueing and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation
  • Theory and practice of postural analysis
  • 139 exercises plus modifications for specific body types, postural issues and conditions
  • How to incorporate resistance equipment to support and intensify exercises
  • Exercise layering related to effective program design
  • Workout composition for personal and group training


Required Materials 

2 Manuals: Essential Reformer, Intermediate Reformer
2 DVD Titles: Essential Reformer 3rd Ed, Intermediate Reformer
(includes Modifications & Power Reformer)

NOTE: Matwork & Reformer Support Materials Book is required for IMP and IR courses but only needs to be purchased once so not included in Course Package.

Special Instructions


You should have a working knowledge of functional anatomy, or willingness to invest time to learn it. 

You should have attended a minimum 30 hours Pilates classes/workouts, preferably STOTT PILATES. If you haven't ask us about teacher training discounts on our classes. Additionally, you can pick-up your course materials early and practice the matwork allong with the DVDs.

(Type: Event, Period: Sep 16, 2019 - Sep 16, 2019, Sessions: 1)
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