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Chakra Workshop - The Energy of Movement
Chakra Workshop - The Energy of Movement

Chakra Workshop - The Energy of Movement 
 with Intuitive Healer, Suzy Schaak
Friday, November 15th  |  6-8:30PM 
Align and awaken the energy in each Chakra through a slow and balanced Chakra Flow Yoga Class.
Pause in the stillness and silence of meditation as your Chakras come alive.  
Through breathing exercises, feel the resonant vibration of pure love and pure light energy, transforming each and every cell- finding perfect equanimity.
What is a Chakra and why should I care? 
There are 7 Major Chakras in the human body.  These are 7 spinning, energy centers that run along our spine.  The lower three Chakras connect us to the earth.  The upper three connect us to the Divine.  The center of our being is the Heart Chakra and acts as the bridge between our human experience and spiritual connection.   
When our Chakras are balanced, we are in good health physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  When they are closed off or out of balance, we step further away from living with ease and are opening the potential for disease.
The best ways to keep our Chakras balanced and healthy are through the practice of yoga (movement), pranayama (breath control) and meditation (stillness).  Each of these practices tap into the energy of movement and help to alleviate tension and also calm or silence the mind so our physical bodies and Spirit bodies can communicate to us.
My intention behind this workshop is to give you a hands on experience, helping you to understand:
     *  What is the Chakra system
     •  Where is each Chakra located
     •  How we benefit by keeping our energy channel balanced.
     •  How to maintain balance
Investment:  $45
Pre-Registration is required to ensure we have enough handouts, space and props!  Please come prepared to practice yoga and bring layers to stay warm during our restorative & meditation time.

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