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Pole Teacher Training Beginner Certification
Pole Teacher Training Beginner Certification


This course was created to provide you with valuable skills and knowledge to safely instruct foundational Pole Dance Fitness classes and programming. Upon completion of this course, you will be certified to teach Beginner's Pole Dance Fitness classes. 

COURSE KEY OBJECTIVES INCLUDE:Develop expert knowledge in quality instruction and be comfortable leading healthy participants in a group format.

    • Learn to manage classrooms in various situations.
    • Create effective warm-ups, cool-downs and class lesson plans.
    • Obtain knowledge in how movements link together to form a balanced class.
    • Learn and demonstrate injury prevention and safe spotting techniques.
    • Implement safe learning progressions.
    • Have the ability to teach different skill levels within one class.
    • Develop the ability to assess a student’s strength, mobility, stability and flexibility to better provide them with alternative options to reduce the chance of injury.
    • Understand the physics of pole movement,  muscle activation, posture analysis, joint positioning and function of the core.
    • Develop coaching skills in order to properly cue and correct students in execution of movements and technical form.
    • Understand your responsibilities as a Pole Dance Fitness instructor.
    • Successfully complete the course and all written and practical assignments and exams.
    • Become certified as a “Pole Dance Fitness Instructor”.

     *Recommended Book for this course Trail Guide to the Body - Andrew Biel*

    Safety is our #1 priority!

Saturday and Sunday
May 30th - 31st, 2020
9:30am - 5:30pm on both days
Prerequisite: Intro to Pole 4 week series


Terra is the owner of Sensual Serenity in Kingston. She specializes in Pole Dancing, Yoga, correctional movement training for athletes, and has a background in dance. She has been teaching full-time in the fitness industry since 2003.

Her love for dance started in her teens with Jazz, ballet and hip hop. In her 20’s she discovered partner dancing when she attended swing dance lessons. Terra quickly moved over to Latin dance and is currently studying under Salsa Ole in Ottawa competing in salsa, bachata and Latin hustle. She started her journey with pole fitness in 2012 and enjoys sharing her passion with others. 

Fitness and Health promotion Diploma, St. Lawrence College
500 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training, Shri Kali Ashram in India
Traditional Hatha Yoga, Rishikesh Yog Peeth in India
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Strength and Conditioning Expert for Pole Sport
Certified Pole Fitness Instructor
Certified Personal Trainer with CSEP
Standard CPR and First Aid level C
Joint Mobility and Movement Training
Advanced Stability and Core Training
Certified ZUMBA Level 2 Instructor
Certified Fitness Kickboxing Instructor
Functional Movement Screening (FMS) Certification
Functional Muscular Testing and Graduated Exercises Certification
Olympic Weightlifting Certification
KettleBell Training Certification
Emergency First Responder for Sport
Sport Taping Level 1
Pilates Level 1 Certification
Advanced Muscle Hypertrophy Training

Karolyne is the owner of Iron X Fitness in Ottawa. She is also a performer, producer and coach. She has a background in dance and music, and she discovered pole in 2009. It was love at first spin! The confidence, strength and flexibility she gained through pole dancing was life changing and she wants to share that with her students.
She has competed in several pole and aerials competitions. 

Her placements are:
1st at Pole Theatre Canada Comedy division 2019
1st at the PSO Canada East L5 Entertainment 2018
1st in Doubles CPFA Toronto Pro Supershow 2017
2nd in Aerial Hoop CPFA Toronto Pro Supershow 2017

Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma - Algonquin College Pole Instructor
FloorFlow® Teacher Training
CSEP Personal Trainer

OFC Registered Health and Fitness Practitioner
OFC Weight/Resistance Trainer
OFC Group Fitness Trainer
OFC Yoga Fitness
Registered Yoga Teacher - 200 Hours
Yoga Tune Up® - Teacher Certification
Yoga Tune Up® - Breath & Bliss
Yoga Tune Up® - Core Integration Immersion
Yoga Tune Up® - Hips Immersion
Yoga Tune Up® - Shoulders Immersion
Yoga Tune Up® - Roll Model Method - Science of Rolling
Agatsu Kettlebell Level 1
Spin City Beginner Aerial Hoop Instructor 

Special Instructions

You will need to bring:

- pen and paper to write notes

- water bottle

- warm clothes

- pole clothes

- snacks/lunch

(Type: Event, Period: Oct 17, 2020 - Oct 18, 2020, Sessions: 2)
Days of week
Repeat every
Oct 17, 2020 -
Oct 18, 2020
Sat / Sun
9:30AM - 5:30PM
Iron X Fitness Inc.
1 week
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