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Teaching Complex Reformer Exercises Workshop
Teaching Complex Reformer Exercises Workshop

We’ve all had the experience of attempting to teach some of the more complex exercises on the Reformer only to have it end in defeat. It’s hard for the teacher because there’s so much happening at once — adjusting for correct setup, getting all the cues out, spotting for safety concerns. All while trying not to lose class momentum.

In this workshop we will break down different strategies that will help you conquer the fear of teaching challenging Reformer exercises like Short Spine, Short & Long Box, Front & Back Splits, and more. Conquering these strategies will not only help with teaching complex exercises, but will also provide you with techniques to improve your teaching across the board.

This workshop is designed for teachers already working in a studio who wish to increase their repertoire; teacher training students looking to deepen their experience with challenging exercises on the Reformer; or those preparing for their exam.  It also serves as a refresher for Reformer exercises, programming, and high-level teaching skills.

It is assumed students have completed the Intensive Reformer Course.


In this 2-hour workshop the Instructor Trainer presents topics, demonstrates best practices, and allows time for student practice teaching skills. The workshop is interactive.

Learning Objectives

  1. How to implement strategies for teaching complex exercises;
  2. How to break the exercise down into smaller objectives so the client feels successful;
  3. How to design programming so it develops from a modified version to the full version;
  4. How to layer modification to simplify the exercise for both the teacher and student;
  5. How to recognize safety concerns for each exercise;
  6. How to use props for tension free start positions;
  7. Review how the Basic Principles provide the necessary skills for each exercise.

Equipment used in the workshop

  • Reformer (1:3)
  • Reformer Box (1 per Reformer)
  • Maple Pole (1 per Reformer)
  • Padded Platform Extender (1 per Reformer)
  • Foam Cushion 'C' (optional)
  • Foam Cushion ‘A’ (optional)

Special Instructions



(Type: Event, Period: Jan 25, 2020 - Jan 25, 2020, Sessions: 1)
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