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Virtual Pilates Mat - Mixed Level
Virtual Pilates Mat - Mixed Level

Live streamed via Zoom

This class welcomes all those interested in Pilates. The instructor will gear the class to the level of the majority in attendance, but will also work with each student at their level, so that all participants feel maximum benefits. Class size is limited, so register early.


Special Instructions

To get this most out of your online class, here are some guidelines: 

  1. Use a thick mat, 2 yoga mats together, or one mat on top of a rug or carpeting.
  2. Find a space in your home that's well lit, where you have room to spread your arms to the sides and behind you. 
  3. Determine the best position for the device you plan to use, by doing a test prior to class... Turn your camera on, lie on your mat and be sure you can see your whole body in the frame; adjust as needed.
  4. Items we may use during some, but not every class, including common household alternatives are:
  • Exercise strap   OR... a stretchy belt or any long belt
  • Small hand weights (1 - 3 lbs )   OR... 2 16-20 oz bottles of waters OR... 2 soup cans
  • Small ball like a beach ball
  • Pilates Magic Circle

It is not necessary to have any of the above to join a class.  I’ll show you how you can have an effective workout using your mind and your own resistance!

Type: Event
Period: Apr 9, 2020 - May 28, 2020
Number of Sessions: 8
Days of week
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