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ONLINE Mindful Self-Compassion - 8 week Program
ONLINE Mindful Self-Compassion - 8 week Program

An empirically supported 8 week program in developing a caring relationship with yourself and others. In this program, you will learn how to be with difficult emotions and moments in your life with kindness, care and understanding.
MSC is primarily a compassion training program rather than a mindfulness training/retreat, although mindfulness is the foundation of self-compassion. The goal of the MSC program is to provide a safe and supportive environment for exploring how we typically respond when difficult emotions arise and to provide tools for becoming a warm and supportive companion to ourselves. Unlike group or individual therapy, the emphasis will be on enhancing emotional resources and personal capacities rather than addressing old wounds. Participants will learn and apply the three key components of self-compassion (self-kindness, mindfulness and common humanity) using meditation, short talks, experiential exercises, group discussion, and home practices. 


Self-compassion provides emotional strength and resilience, allowing us to admit our shortcomings, forgive ourselves, motivate ourselves with kindness, care for others, and be fully human. It has also been proven to lower anxiety and depression, maintain healthy habits for well-being, and lead to more satisfying personal relationships.
For more information click HERE.
In this program, participants will meet as a group with a teacher via the Zoom video conferencing platform.  The virtual meetings will take place for approximately 3 hours once a week for 8 weeks in addition to a 3 hour virtuall silent retreat.  Participants will need:
  1. High-speed internet connection
  2. Video cam (built-in or external)
  3. Audio microphone (built-in or external)

Instructions will be provided to each participant upon sign-up in preparation for the program. 

Who Should Attend
Self-compassion can be learned by anyone, even those who did not receive enough affection in childhood or who feel uncomfortable when they are good to themselves.
No previous experience with mindfulness or meditation is necessary to attend MSC. This program is designed for anyone who wishes to integrate and cultivate greater self-compassion into their lives and/or work. 
Participants choosing the online program must feel comfortable enough to use the necessary  technology. Please see above for technical requirements
Program Fee:  $520* (HST and materials included).
Limited enrolment applies for the program to run.
The fee for the MSC program is not covered by MSI. However, many private health insurance plans cover the cost of therapeutic groups (a psychological service) offered by a Registered Psychologist. Please contact your health insurance provider directly to determine coverage.

(Type: Event, Period: Oct 15, 2020 - Dec 3, 2020, Sessions: 8)
Days of week
Repeat every
Oct 15, 2020 -
Dec 03, 2020
6:00PM - 9:00PM
Breathe Mindfulness Centre
1 week
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