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Virtual Sunday Morning Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra w/Shannon (online)
Virtual Sunday Morning Yin Yoga/Yoga Nidra w/Shannon (online)

For those wanting to take Shannon's Yin Yoga/ Yoga Nidra special event - but not able or interested in coming to the studio - -Take it from ANYWHERE! Using Zoom to link you to this class - come as you are!

A workshop to reconnect to our true nature of balance 

Slow down and experience the moment with Yin yoga, a practice of holding releasing 
poses for several minutes.  In this class we will counteract the effects of life which is yang (active) in nature, reconnecting us to our true nature of balance.  We will release stress and anxiety by tapping into the powerful healing energy of the present by settling into the body as we hold poses.  

We will include pranayama and mantra to help us achieve a lasting balance, leaving us feeling renewed and grounded.  Finishing off the class with yoga nidra will help us to find peace within ourselves and the world around us.

Get some blankets or beach towels (or a yoga bolster if you have one) and a belt of some kind. (Bathrobe belt, old necktie, etc.), a block or 2 (or big books).  A couple of throw pillows from your couch could come in handy, too.

Be sure to register at least 2 hours prior to start time of the class so we can email you the link to connect through Zoom. 

Open to ALL levels - Investment is $20.

Special Instructions

This is a virtual class - you must download the Zoom app - have good internet connection and a device (smart phone, lap top or tablet) - you must register ahead - Once Your name is on the class roster, you will receive a link in your email that connects you to the class. Just a few minutes before your class starts, click the link and you are there!

Contact Jerry at 337-288-1570 if you have trouble connecting after you receive the link.

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