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2021 Meditation Challenge
2021 Meditation Challenge

join us this January to experience the benefits of a daily meditation practice!

As we begin a new year perhaps unlike any other in our lifetime, we have yet another opportunity to decide how we want to be in relationship to our mind, our body, and the world around us.  

A regular meditation practice is one of the most powerful ways to build mental and emotional resilience and to boost and strengthen our immune systems.  Meditation increases our capacity to meet uncertainty with grace, to act with compassion, to make decisions from our deepest intuition.  

This ancient practice, found in cultures and traditions around the globe, allows us to deepen our relationship with ourselves, with the present moment, and with reality exactly as it is – rather than frittering away our precious energy struggling against what is happening in any particular moment.  

And while meditation can absolutely connect us with the highest good that exists in our universe, you don’t have to believe any of the mystery in order to experience its benefits for yourself.  For decades, scientific experiments have proven the profound health benefits of meditation – regardless of what tradition or technique is being researched.  

Whether or not meditation is brand new to you, or you are an experienced practitioner, our 2021 Meditation Challenge offers the opportunity for you to begin, deepen, revisit, or explore your practice.  

If you are experiencing grief and endings…. if you are forced to step into new beginnings…. or if you are chugging along either swimmingly or in struggle…. You will be held in the loving support of the Willow Street community.  

Whether you want to empower your immune system, reduce your stress, be kinder to yourself or others, manage your anger, find a new way to relate to your monkey mind, align with your creativity, obtain inner peace, honor the sacred within and all around you, or become one with the universe – we’ve got you covered.   

During this FREE challenge we will offer: 

·      Live 30 minute meditation classes throughout the week, at different times of day (stay tuned for the schedule!).

·      Recordings for you to practice on your own schedule.

·      Weekly live check-ins to address your questions and challenges.

·      Workshops to deeper explore and expand your practice.

·      Varied meditation instruction, techniques, and traditions. 

·      Daily inspiration and reminder emails.  

(Type: Event, Period: Jan 3, 2021 - Jan 31, 2021, Number of Sessions: 5)
Days of week
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Jan 04, 2021 -
Jan 31, 2021
1:00PM - 2:00PM
1 week
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