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Therapeutic Soundbath with Lissee
Therapeutic Soundbath with Lissee

Open to ALL Levels – NO Yoga Experience Needed -
 Registration is required - 10 spots in the studio -
 practicing social distancing. Please wear your mask into and out of the building.

You are invited to take time out for some serious SELF-CARE! Come and submerge your senses
 in the sonic frequency and blissful sounds of alchemical crystal singing bowls. Your body,
 mind and spirit will be “bathed” in sounds and vibrations designed to balance and promote
 healing on a cellular level. It is a scientific fact that the fluid in our brains and body interact
with sensory stimulation and vibration. One of the by-products of this process can be a restoration
 of harmony, an activation of the body’s own natural healing process and a full recalibration
 back into the natural state of balance.

The energetic exchange is $20.00.
Please bring whatever you may need to be comfortable in a reclining position.
Bring a mat (or rent 1 of ours).  Some props (blankets & bolsters) will be provided.
NO experience needed. All are welcome! Social Distancing will be practiced. Please register at least 2 hours before start time.

Type: Event
Period: Oct 31, 2021 - Oct 31, 2021
Number of Sessions: 1
Days of week
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