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Yoga & Mindfulness Camp for Girls: August 7 - 11
Yoga & Mindfulness Camp for Girls: August 7 - 11

Monday - Friday, 11am - 2:30pm


Cultivate inner HAPPINESS through YOGA, self expression & art.

Guided by Kara-Lisa Mitchel, MA in Education + Certifid Kids and Adults Yoga Teacher 


As adults, how different would life be if we were taught at a very young age to view the world with acceptance, love and gentle awareness? What if from that young age we spent time nurturing happiness in our lives? 

In our society there are plenty of opportunities to compete with each other, judge ourselves and create harsh expectations.

Thankfully there are also many ancient, effective and proactive practices that can steady our children as they face the changes that both development and the modern world have to offer.

We invite your 9-12 year old girl to join Kara-Lisa Mitchel, MA in Education + Certified Kids and Adults Yoga Teacher, to learn and practice these techniques for nurturing happiness in her life!


Workshop Cancellation Policy
Because Asha's teachers invest a lot of time and energy into planning their workshops they are nonrefundable. If you're unable to attend, maybe a gracious friend will take your spot!

Special Instructions

What to bring:

  • Day one remember the information and release forms
  • Bring your own healthy lunch
  • Wear comfortable yoga clothes
  • A yoga mat. This helps bring yoga into the home. (If you forget we have extra).
  • A water bottle (water is provided at all times)
  • An open heart

(Type: Event, Period: Aug 7, 2017 - Aug 11, 2017, Sessions: 5)
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