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Online Fascial Movement Foundation Course
Online Fascial Movement Foundation Course

Explore the latest research findings on the neuromyofascial skeletal system.

With an emphasis on movement variables including Bounce, Sense, Expand and Hydrate, Fascial Movement training offers a thorough understanding of what fascia is, what it does, how it moves and how to work with it across a range of varying modalities.

General Course Objectives:

  • Identify the components of fascia and be able to explain its role and relevance to movement.

  • Articulate the difference between tensegrity and traditional force and lever-based biomechanics.

  • Define and explore fascial movement variables such as Bounce, Sense, Expand & Hydrate.

  • Develop programs for clients of all levels integrating specific fascial movement variable.


“Early Bird” is more than 4-weeks in advance, with early registration pricing is discounted. “Late Bird” is less than 4-weeks advance.

Early Bird $875
Late Bird $995 


There are no exams for the Fascial Movement Training program.

16 hours instruction

1.6 STOTT PILATES®; ACE; Can-Fit-Pro

PMA credits available


Special Instructions

In addition to course tuition, you will need to purchase materials and equipment. 


Students can purchase individual props or as a bundle from  Fascia Deluxe Bundle or Fascia Essential Bundle.


  • Fascia: What it is and Why it Matters by David Lesondak (Available online through Amazon)
  • Fascial Movement Instructor Course Workbook (SKU: MN08080)

    To purchase course workbook, you will need to contact a Merrithew Retail Representative and provide proof of registration at 1-800-910-0001 ext 250 or

Please read our policies carefully. 

STOTT PILATES requires 100% attendance in order to receive a course completion letter and be eligible to take an exam. Missed hours can be made up privately at additional cost. You will need to make-up 1 hours for every two hours missed (2:1 ratio) for the first 5 hours missed. If you miss more than 5 hours, you will need to make up every hour missed (1:1 ratio). If you know you are going to be absent, please speak to us about the best way to accomidate your make-up hours.  

You must withdraw from any course 1-month prior to the start date of a course to receive a partial refund. The refund will equal the paid course fees minus a 20% fee.
Tuition fees are non-transferable.
Course materials are an additional cost.
You must let us know prior to the start of a course if you have any injuries that may effect your ability to safely participate in the training i.e. pregnancy, joint injury, osteoporosis, recently postpartum.

Type: Event
Period: Oct 8, 2022 - Oct 16, 2022
Number of Sessions: 4
Days of week
Repeat every
Duration: Oct 08, 2022 -
Oct 09, 2022
Days of week: Sat / Sun
Time: 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Location: Blue Sparrow Pilates
Staff: Holly
Repeat every: 1 week
Duration: Oct 15, 2022 -
Oct 16, 2022
Days of week: Sat / Sun
Time: 8:00AM - 12:00PM
Location: Blue Sparrow Pilates
Staff: Holly
Repeat every: 1 week
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