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Healthy You, Healthy Baby: Preconception & Prenatal Workshop Series
Healthy You, Healthy Baby: Preconception & Prenatal Workshop Series

**You can purchase the entire series or participate in classes a la carte. Click on individual class titles below to sign up for that class specifically. Stay right here to view and register for the whole series!

Pricing: $30 per class // $110 for Entire Series // $100 Early Bird Special for Entire Series (register by September 9th)


A healthy baby starts with a healthy you! From conceiving to feeling your best throughout pregnancy and preparing your baby for a healthy delivery, the information can be overwhelming. Our 4-class Preconception & Prenatal Workshop Series covers holistic tactics in a practical manner filled with hands-on instruction and actionable tips to take home.

Join us at Comfy Fitness and be lead through 4 prenatal topics: 

Exercise // Nutrition // Stress & Mindset // Essential Oils


Exercise for Fertility & Throughout Pregnancy - Sept 16

Your weight can affect your chances of conceiving, but how? Exercising while pregnant is recommended, but what kind? Learn what weight range and body fat percentage is ideal for conception with recommendations for how much is enough and how much is too much when it comes to your fertility.

Exercise is a crucial part of not only feeling great during pregnancy, but can help labor feel easier and be shorter, not to mention the positive effects on your baby. Discover exercises to avoid, and those to incorporate into your routine for each trimester, along with an in-session mini-workout!


Preconception & Prenatal Nutrition Basics - Sept 23

Learn the elements of a fertility diet along with types of foods that boost your fertility and how to easily incorporate them into your diet.

Google will overload you with opinions on what’s safe to eat and what’s not during pregnancy. This session will give you the facts in a straightforward manner, also going over how many extra calories you really need each trimester (spoiler alert: it’s not as many as you think).

Enjoy homemade No-Bake Lactation Balls (we swear they taste better than they sound!) and go home with the recipe and an easy Safe/Not Safe food guide. 


Stress & Mindest Management Techniques for Pregnancy - October 7

Isn’t it ironic that during one of the most stress inducing transitions in life, you’re constantly told by doctors how bad stress is? This session looks at how stress impacts your fertility and the health of both you and your baby, but more importantly we will cover practical stress management and mindset techniques.

Enjoy a rejuvenating mini prenatal yoga session led by a certified prenatal yoga instructor during class! Everyone will go home with poses, mantras, and a list of local recommended holistic practitioners to help keep stress in check.


Essential Oils for Pregnancy - October 14

Essential oils can be a powerful natural remedy to many pregnancy symptoms, but it’s easy to be overwhelmed with which ones to use and how to use them.

Discover which oils are safe to use throughout pregnancy - as well as which to avoid - and many ways to use them from diffusers to roller balls. During this session we will all make an oil blend of your choice to take home and use!

(Type: Event, Period: Sep 16, 2018 - Oct 14, 2018, Sessions: 5)
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