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Tournament REGISTRATION FEES - International Kung Fu QUEST 2- 8/28/21 - 2ND VIRTUAL


EARLY REGISTRATION DISCOUNT AVAILABLE NOW THROUGH 5/31/21 for the International Kung Fu QUEST 2nd Virtual Tournament on 8/28/21 by the Tat Wong Kung Fu Academy.  Pay for Early Registration now on or before 5/31/21 - Click First Division for $30 first or scroll down for 3-Star Division (A separate division for Black Belts competing with 3 forms in one division - Early Reg of $60 total - no first division needed).  If interested in competing in both hand and weapon forms click the First Division first to add to cart then go back and scroll to Additional Division for $20 and add to cart and proceed to checkout with Credit Card.

Make sure to submit your Registration Form (through and/or Google Forms) that include competitor name, age, belt level, and location of school.

TWKFA SF and SM students pay here on Wellness App.  If any problems or want to pay directly to TWKFA call (415) 752-5555 M-F between 4pm and 8pm. PayPal is also available. 

Times and Divisions TBA prior to 8/28/21.  Tournament will start at 10am and go throughout the day for competitors from all TWKFA schools and Associations.  Zoom log-ins will be sent after students are registered and number of competitors is determined. 

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